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Director’s Message

The Centre for Chinese Law (Centre) was set up within the Faculty of Law in 2009. Building upon the foundation of the past, the Centre’s activities have grown considerably in scope. Through the conferences and public lectures organized by the Centre and through the activities of the academic members, the Centre has already gained considerable recognition, both locally and internationally as a leading academic centre in Chinese law. The Centre has developed very close cooperation with academic institutions worldwide and continues to expand its global academic network.

The Centre serves as the umbrella for the research and academic activities of its Academic Members (full-time academics drawn from the Faculty of Law) and Fellows (academics and professionals from outside the University of Hong Kong). The areas of research of the Centre are very wide in scope. These areas include constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, civil law, commercial law, financial law, intellectual property law, procedural law, law on dispute resolution, and international economic and trade law. With many different approaches to and different focuses on research, the Centre is very proud of the diversified research output of its Academic Members.

In the last few years, the Centre hosted many conferences and public lectures. Several books are closely related to some of the conferences or are the result of these conferences. These book projects make the best use of resources of the Academic Members, Advisory Board members, or Fellows of the Centre and create significant synergies. In undertaking these group projects, the Centre is fortunate to be able to receive guidance from advisory members who are from eminent law schools in the West and China. The Advisory Board Members have provided valuable advice in relation to international developments and research direction of the Centre.

The Centre works closely with the Faculty’s Master of Laws programme in Chinese Law and with the undergraduate programme in Chinese Law Specialization. Academic Members of the Centre also play a very important role in supervising postgraduate research students. The Centre intends to attract students of the highest caliber to the research postgraduate programme and to provide opportunities for their involvement in Chinese law research projects.

The Center has established itself as a distinguished hub for Chinese Law research and education and aims to develop a more sustainable research program and expand its international cooperative networks.

Professor ZHAO Yun

1 July 2014