Conferences and Seminars

The Centre holds regular events for members of the Law Faculty, the University of Hong Kong, and the broader Hong Kong community. These include a regular Rights Talk series, conferences, seminars, public lectures, training sessions and workshops.

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Multiple Doctrines of Legitimate Expectations

Dr. Rebecca Williams

29th March 2016, 13:00 - 14:30



The Art of Being a Judge

The Honourable Madam Justice Constance Hunt

17th March 2016, 13:00 - 14:30



Launch of CCPL's Hong Kong Hidden Stories: I'm Hong Kong Too

22nd March 2016, 17:00 - 19:30



Public Health Promotion as a Challenge to Personal Autonomy

Mr. Maximillian Kressner

22nd March 2016, 13:00 - 14:00


CCPL Political Reform Series:

The Promise of a 'Negative Voting' System for Hong Kong elections

Mr. Sam Chang

21st March 2016, 18:00 - 19:30


The Politicization of Human Rights

Prof. Angel Oquendo

17th March 2016, 13:00 - 14:00



Equality and the Law: A Canadian Journey

The Right Honourable Chief Justice of Canada Beverley McLachlin,

14th March 2016, 16:30 - 18:00


Access to Justice in Small States: Reflections on Japan's Official Development Assistance (ODA) for Legal Empowerment

Ms. Mana Takahashi

9th March 2016, 12:30 - 14:00


The 2015 Japanese Security Legislation and Its Implications

Mr. Masatoshi Takeuchi

8th March 2016, 12:30 - 14:00



The Use of Principled Negotiation in the Settlement of Disputes

Prof. Yoshiaki Nomura

3rd March 2016, 12:30 - 14:00


Engendering a Culture of Prevention on Campuses: the Bystander Intervention Model

Dr. Jackson Katz

1st March 2016, 16:00 - 17:30



The Use of Principled Negotiation in the Settlement of Disputes

Profs. Yoshiaki Nomura & Tetsuo Morishita

1st March 2016, 12:30 - 14:00


Date Description
26th February A Dialogue on the Future of Hong Kong's Rule of Law
26th February The Global Regulatory Challenge to Foreign Funding of NGOs: Asphyxia or Opportunity?
24th February Journey of a Pro Bono Lawyer
18th February A Transition Foretold: Why a regime change in China could happen before 2030
3rd February Appointment ad personam, confidentiality and secret operation of statutory bodies – the Antiquities Advisory Board as example? (Video)
2nd February Reading Law: Justice Antonin Scalia and Professor Bryan A Garner
15th January Does Hong Kong need a treaty on Violence Against Women? (Video)
12th January A Dialogue on the Future of Hong Kong's Democracy (Video)



Date Description
11th December 'Receptivity and Responsibility: Are Mainstream Schools Prepared for Hong Kong's Ethnic Minority Students?' (Video)
10th December Lessons from Gay and Lesbian Activism in Asia: The Importance of Context, Pivotal Incidents and Connection to a Larger Vision (Video)
8th December Constitutional Archetypes (Video)
18th November A United Nations Convention on the Rights of older Persons: Do We Really Need One and What Could it Achieve? (Summary and Video)
18th November A United Nations Convention on the Rights of older Persons: Do We Really Need One and What Could it Achieve? (Summary and Video)
12th November The Hochelaga Lectures 2015: The Judiciary's Role in Safeguarding the Well-being of the Child (Summary and Video)
09th November The Right to Vote and Restrictions on Eligibility: A Critical Assessment of the Jurisprudence of the ECtHR (Summary and Video)
06th November Previewing the Legal Issues in the Paris Climate Change Conference (Summary and Video)
02nd November "Yorking Pantagruel": Imposing a Rule of Law Framework for the UN Security Council (Summary and Video)
31st October The Magna Carta and the Rule of Law in Hong Kong (Summary and Video)
30th October Hochelaga Lecture: The Legislative and Adjudication of Juvenile Crimes in Mainland China (Summary and Video (Chinese))
27th October The Recent Reform of the Application for Judicial Review in England: Lessons for Hong Kong? (Summary and Video)
26th October How much consensus is enough? Same-sex marriage in the European Court of Human Rights and the Supreme Court of the United States (Summary and Video)
24th October 'Mind The Culture Gap': Understanding and Appreciating the Role of Culture in Developing Effective Strategies to Respond to Domestic Violence (Summary and Video)
14th October What the Rejection of Anwar Ibrahim's Petition for Pardon Tells Us About Malaysia's Royal Pardons System (Summary and Video)
3rd October Understanding the Experiences and Help-seeking Behaviours of Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence (Summary and Video)
29th September Money Laundering and its Combat: Art, Football and Churches (Summary and Video)
25th September Understanding and Effective Responses to Explosive Growth of US Extraterritorial Enforcement (Summary and Video)
3rd July Judicial Review of Elections in Asia (Summary and Video)
26th June Freedom of Speech and the Asia Pacific: does Charlie Hebdo go too far? (Summary and Video)
26th June Righting Wrongs against Minorities: The Role of Human Rights Institutions (Summary and Video)
24th June Hochelaga Lectures: Parental Responsibility Disputes in the Australian Family Court: Lessons from a Decade of Reform (Summary and Video)
12th and 13th June Morality and Responsibility of Rulers: Early Moden Origins of a Rule of Law for World Order (Summary and Video)
4th June Everone is a Foreigner Somewhere (Summary and Video)
28th May 'To Pocket or Not to Pocket' - A Joint CRJ-CCPL Seminar on Hong Kong's Democratic Future (Summary and Video)
26th May CCPL Political Reform Seminar Series 2015: From Impasse to Innovation (Summary and Video)
14th May 'International Legal Developments in respect of Anti-Corruption Regimes and Recent Case Law for Bribery Offences' and 'Are the Immunities of International Governmental Organizations absolute?' (Summary and Video)
8th May Issue Estoppel under the New York Convention (Summary and Video)
7th May The Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the Chinese Context (Summary and Video)
25th April Roundtable on the Rights of Migrant Domestic Workers (Summary and Video)
1th April Reinventing Cosmopolitanism: International Legal Order in Classical Chinese Canons (Summary and Video)
31st March HKU Human Rights Students' Forum The Peace Between Religions in a World of Crisis (Summary and Video)
23rd March Democracy in the European Convention on Huamn Rights (Summary and Video)
23rd March Regional and Universal Organizations: Past and Present Interactions (Summary and Video)
18th March Establishing Civil Jurisdiction in the European union and at Common Law (Summary and Video)
17th March When Parents Violate Children's Rights- Possibilities for Parent-Child Dispute Resolution (Summary and Video)
5th March Civil and Criminal Justice Reform in the Philippines (Summary and Video)



Date Description
01-05 December Myanmar: Rule of Law Workshop

Application Form for Participants
17 October Public Lecture, Judge Michael Kirby: The Report of the UN Inquiry on Human Rights in North Korea: International Law Meets a Moment of Truth

08 October Public Lecture, Dr. Andrzej Olechowski: 25 years of the Polish journey to democracy and the free market

02 October UNDP High-Level Roundtable on Gender Identity, Rights and the Law in Asia and the Pacific

15 September Design Democracy Debate

Cantonese English
25 July Political Reform Debate

16 June Political Reform Debate
3 June Documentary Screening & Panel Discussion: Portraits of Loss and the Quest for Justice
27 May Symposium: The Police Complaints System in Hong Kong: Where are we Heading?
24 May Annual Spring Workshop
Unleashing the Potential of Women in Hong Kong: Social Business as a Social Movement?
7 May Seminar:Confronting Strasbourg: From Common Law Criminal Procedure and European Fair Trial Rights to Cosmopoiltan Criminal Jurisprudence
3 May Roundtable Discussion on Chinese as a Second Language Education – The Way Forward
2 May Seminar: Judicial Comparativism and Judicial Diplomacy
28 April Seminar: Hate Speech Laws: What They Should and Shouldn't Try to Do
14 April UCL HKU Conference on Judicial Review in a Changing Society
9 April Panel Discussion: Hong Kong Basic Law and Civil Nomination
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April 3, 7, 8, 16, 22, & 29 Propser Series on Political Reform
28 March ESCR Seminar Series: Consequences of Substance Misuse and Intimate Partner Violence: An International Epidemiological Perspective
25 March Seminar: Legal Regulations for Countering Corruption in the Russian Federation
24 March Seminar: Some Recent Developments in Judicial Review in the Common Law World
21 March Seminar: The Rock and the Sand: Jurisdiction and Remedial Discretion
20 March Roundtable: Article 25 ICCPR
11 March Seminar: Proving Money Laundering in Hong Kong
5 March Seminar: Reading and Rereading the Caroline Correspondence, 1838-1842: Shaping the Modern Right of Self-Defence in International Law
24 - 27 February Women in Prison Symposium
23 January Seminar: Deliberative Democracy and the Law
21 January Seminar: Teaching Law Without Judgments - Some Innovations at Melbourne Law School
13 January Dialogue: Religion in Politics: Power and Empowerment
13 & 14 January Conference:Religion and Power: Political, Legal and Economic Perspectives
18 January Conference :First Annual Hong Kong Public Interest Conference: ADVANCING SOCIAL JUSTICE



2 December Seminar:The State of Hong Kong's Judiciary: Common Law Courts in China
26 November Seminar:Communications Innovations at the United Kingdom Supreme Court
25 November Performance: NEW COMMON THEATRE:
Voices from a workers' theatre movement
About the performers
19 November Seminar: Can Hong Kong Lawyers Avoid Extinction? Staying Ahead of the Curve in a Globalized World
14 November Seminar: Selecting the Chief Executive of Hong Kong in 2017
8 November Seminar: Preserving the 'Analytic Framework' of Law: The Challenge of Industry Rulemaking
6 November Seminar: The Tangled Web We Weave: Complexity in the Australian Consumer Law
1 November Symposium: Human Trafficking
29 October Seminar: Can the Courts Successfully Change Discrimination and Achieve Equal Opportunity? International Comparisons
26 & 27 Workshop: Using CEDAW to Advocate Women's Rights
24 & 25 October Conference: The Death Penalty in Asia
23 October Film Screening: Not My Life
10 October Seminar: Seafood Fraud: Hong Kong as a Role Model for Safe Food
5 September Seminar: Globalisation, Regional Integration and Cooperation, and the Hague Conference on Private International Law
16 August Seminar: Art Crime: An International Problem?
8 July Seminar: Property & Sovereignty: An Indian Reserve in a Canadian City
8 June Workshop: Commit to Act, Committ to Change: Walk the Mile with Survivors of Sexual Abuse
29 May Discussion and Reception: The Rule of Law in China and Hong Kong
23 May Seminar: The Legality of Humanitarian Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect in Classical China: How is it Possible and Why Does it Matter?
13 May Seminar: The Problem of Wrongful Convictions
6 May Seminar: Taking China Seriously: An Appraisal of the Symbiotic Relationship between China's Exercise of Seovereignty and the International Legal Order
27 April Forum: Sexual Orientation Anti-Discrimination Law
26 April Roundtable: Represent a refugee client with the Hong Kong Refugee Advice Centre
25 April Seminar: Prosecutorial Independence - Especially of the DPP
18 April Seminar: Public Dispute Resolution in Hong Kong: A Practitioner's Note
6 April Conference: In Quest of Truth and Justice: The Role of Law and Religion in Pluralistic Societies
Student Conference
27 March Seminar: Cyber-bullying: Should the school make a tougher stand?
22 March Seminar: Singapore's Death Penalty Changes - Too little too late or the Beginning of the End?
20 March Seminar: A Prosecutor in a Modern Society: Upholding the Rule of Law and Respecting Rights and Freedoms
11 March Seminar: The Current Constitutional Crisis in Egypt
25 February Seminar: Judging Immigration: National Privilege and International Duties
18 February Seminar: Terrorism and the Global Rule of Law
8 January Seminar: Judicial Appointments in the Senior Courts
Lecture Notes



10 December Seminar: Law, Power and International Politics with Special Reference to East Asia: Carl Schmitt's Grossraum Analysis
4 December Seminar: Nepal's Constitutional and Political Transition
3 December Seminar: Peaceful Settlement of Disputes: Paradigms, Plurality and Policy
23 November Conference: The Death Penalty in Asia
22 November Seminar:The Law of Violence and the Violence of Law
21 November Public Lecture: Islamophobia & Islamophobes
15 November Seminar:Major Issues in United States Class Action Law
8 November Seminar:The Fight Against Illicit Trafficking in Asian Cultural Relics
5 November Film: Nefarious: Merchant of Souls
2 November Public Lecture: Free speech, Reputation and Media Intrusion: British Law Reform and what it means for Hong Kong and beyond
Click here to access Lord Lester's full speech
2 November A Dialogue with Lord Anthony Lester, QC
24 October Seminar: The Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space and the EU Code of Conduct: A New Perspective on the International Law of Arms Control in Outer Space
7 September Seminar: International Treaties and Citizenship Law in the 19th Century
26 June Seminar: In the World of the Survivor: Panel Discussion to mark International Day Against Torture 2012
21 June Seminar: Behavioural Science Evidence and the Courts: Providing Support to Victims of Torture in the Courtroom and Beyond
9 June Conference: Legal Measures to Address Mainland Births in Hong Kong
9 June Conference: Land Expropriation: Rights Defense and Law
29 May Seminar: Prosecutorial freedom: Why Hong Kong needs an independent Director of Prosecutions
7 May Seminar: Global Mining and the Challenges of Transnational Corruption, Conflict Minerals and Money Laundering
23 April Seminar:Cross-Strait Crime-Fighting: Mutual Legal Assistance between Taiwan and Mainland China
21 April Conference:What is Happening to Our Political System?
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19 April Seminar: The Dangers in Changing the law of Double Jeopardy - A Lesson from England & Wales
Visit our YouTube channel to watch this event online
16 April Seminar: Is Unlawful Downloading Really Stealing?
30 March Seminar:Segregation of Church and State and the Impact on Religious Freedom with Emphasis on the US Experience
26 March Seminar:The role of "Human Dignity" in a World of Plural Values and Ethical Commitments
15 March Seminar:Strategies of Liberalization
8 March Seminar:International Humanitarian Law and its Contemporary Challenges
16 February Panel Discussion:Implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in China: Challenges and Opportunities
20 January Seminar:Sex Offender Registries: The US, Europe & Interpol



16 & 17 December Conference:The 4th Asian Constitutional Law Forum
13 & 14 December Workshop:Transitional Justice and the Rule of Law
9 December Seminar:Equal Access and the Right to Education: Where Medium is the Means and the End
5 December Seminar:Who Owns Parliamentary Privilege? The UK Parliamentary Expenses Scandal and the role of the Courts and Parliament in Defining Parliamentary Privilege
29 November Seminar:The Case for Animal Welfare Legislation
26 November Workshop: Resolving Land Disputes in East Asia
18 November Seminar:Revisiting the Free Market of Religion
14 November Seminar:Graduate and Exchange Opportunities at Osgoode Hall Law School
14 November Seminar:The Role of the Supreme Court of Canada as a Court of Final Appeal on Constitutional Issues
12 November Conference:Beyond Asylum: Refugee Policy in Practice and How Refugees Experience It
10 November Symposium on Charity Law
7 November Seminar:The 2010 UK Bribery Act: By How Much Will the Act Affect Hong Kong Business Profitability?
4 November Seminar:Environmental Markets: A New Frontier for Asia?
10 - 13 October Conference: Power and Dynamics of Civil Disobedience
7 October Seminar:The Responsibility to Protect and Libya in 2011: A New Principal of International Law?
17 September Conference: ONC Conference on Law Reform: Does Law Reform Need Reforming in Hong Kong?
6 September Seminar:Imagining Biblical Law
24 June Seminar:The Challenges of Religion and Human Rights in a Post-Modern Secular Age
21 June China's Religion and Rule of Law Today 中國的宗教與法治
9 June Seminar:The Law and Journalism in a Post-Wikileaks Era: A Public Talk with Mark Stephens, lawyer for Julian Assange
7 May Hong Kong Women's NGO Forum: Working with CEDAW
Conference Website
28 & 29 April Conference: Recognition and the Politics of Identity and Inclusion in the 21st Century: Managing Diversity in Plural Societies
18 April Seminar: Judicial Review and the Environment: Is Judicial Scrutiny Sufficiently Intense?
15 April Seminar: New Directions in Comparative Legal Education
8 April Seminar: Change in a Changing 21st Century Economy: Embracing Social Equity as a Societal Value & Evolving Need
2 April Conference: The Situation of the Rule of Law in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
17 March Seminar: Sovereign Immunities and the Congo Case: International and Constitutional Law Considerations and their Implications for Hong Kong as a World Financial Center
10 March Seminar: Social Science and the Courtroom
24 February Seminar: Judging in Family Law - Am I More than (Just) a "Trial" Judge?
22 February Seminar: New Voices on Hong Kong Political Reform
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21 February Speak Truth to Power
28 January Seminar: Sovereign Immunity and the Basic Law: Implications of FG Hemisphere Associates (the Congo Case) for Hong Kong



9 December Seminar: The Application of the Hague Convention on Private International Law in Hong Kong
27 November Conference:Deadlock Broken: What Next?
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12 November Seminar:The Kosovo Declaration of Independence of 17th February 2008 and the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice of 22 July 2010.
15 October Seminar: Legal Issues Affecting the Future of Hong Kong, 1978-79
11 October Seminar: Review of Animal Welfare Laws in Hong Kong
5 October Seminar: Law, Politics and the Allocation of Scarce Health Resources
30 June Seminar: Sovereign Immunity versus Human Rights: The Samantar Case
26 June Panel Discussion: The Protection of the Rights of Torture Victims in Asia and Hong Kong
17 June Workshop: Understanding and Addressing Diversity in Hong Kong
17 May Dialogue: Punitive Laws, Human Rights and HIV Prevention Among MSM in Asia Pacific
13 May Seminar: European Leal Cultures and Globalisation
27 April Seminar: Media Legal Defense in Asia
20 April Seminar: The Report of the Working Group on Mediation: Recommendations on the Future of Mediation
14 April Seminar: The Possibility and Pitfall of Inferring Factual Causation
8 April Seminar: Does the University Own You - Body and Soul?
18 March Seminar: Court Mediation Systems and Mediator Ethics
5 & 6 March Conference: Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal: The Andrew Li Court 1997-2010
24 February Seminar: The Evolving Jurisprudence on Constitutional Remedies
24 February Seminar: The 9/11 Effect: Comparative Counter-Terrorism Law
30 January Conference: The Trial of Liu Xiaobo and Beyond
9 January Conference: The 2009 Consultation Document - Will it Break the Deadlock?
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28 November Conference: Inclusive Education for Students with Disabilities: Implementation of Article 24 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
21 November Conference: 60 and Beyond: China's Modernisation and the Role of Hong Kong
7 November Conference: 60 Years and On: Human Rights in China
3 November Seminar: After Kyoto: International Welfarism and the Impossibility of Global Carbon Trading
15 October Seminar: The Constitutional Authority of the Legislative Council: The LegCo Powers Case
Questions for Discussion
10 October Conference: Hong Kong Political Reform Series: Breaking the Deadlock

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14 August Conference: Public Interest Litigation in Asia
11 June Seminar: Constitutional Rights in Two Worlds: South Africa and the United States
3 June Seminar: The Korean Judiciary: Role and Challenges in Democratization and the Rule of Law
24 May Seminar: The Politics of Judicial Review
20 May Seminar: Public Opinion and the Court
4 May Seminar: The History of the German Constitutional Court - the 'Guardian' of the Constitution and its Contribution to the Development of the German Way of the Rule of Law (Rechtstaat)
24 April Seminar: The Challenges of Modern Policing
23 April Seminar: Use of the Legal Process in Curtailing the Basic Human Rights of Advocates and Activists in the Philippines
20 April Seminar: Employment Law and the Global Financial Crisis - Public and Private Sector Employment Law Issues in Hong Kong, China, Australia and Japan
8 April Seminar: Privacy: The Changing Landscape
6 April Seminar: The Tyrannicide Brief: The Human Rights Story
3 April Seminar: Ten Years of Constitutional Rights in the Court of Final Appeal
1 April Lecture: Accountability and Responsibility - Reinforcing the Criminal Law
29 March Seminar: Lawyers and Judicial Reform: Cross-Straights Experiences
28 March Conference: Implementation of the Right to Vote and be Elected - the Theory and the Practice
24 March Seminar: The Responsibility to Protect: Preventing Gross Violations of Human Rights
23 March Seminar: State-Church Relationships in Reform China: A Retrospective After 30 Years
13 March Seminar:Why Bills of Rights are Dangerous
27 February Seminar: Poverty and Rights
22 January Seminar: US-China Relations and the Obama Administration: Implications for Human Rights
15 January Seminar: Apprehended Bias and the Reasonable Observer - How do Courts Decide Claims of Bias?
13 January Seminar: Leadership by Constitutional Courts



10 December Seminar: The Situation of Human Rights Lawyers in China
4 & 5 December Conference: Legal Development in East Asia: China-Vietnam Compared
25 November Seminar: Protecting the Rights of Refugees in the Global South
7 November Seminar: Criminal Justice in Singapore - Winds of Change?
31 October Seminar: Developments in Research, Testing and Teaching
31 October Seminar: Integrated and Inclusive Regulatory Management of Animal Welfare in New Zealand
12 September Seminar: Constitutional Adjudication and Populist Democracy: When Hard Cases Make Really Bad Law
9 September Seminar: William Blackstone and his Impact on the Rise of Modern Constitutionalism
9 July Seminar: Intoxication is Never a Defence
30 May Conference: Resolution of Labour and Employment Dispute - Workplace Fairness Disputes in a Global Community: Hong Kong and PRC Perspectives
28 May Film: Lilya 4-ever
26 May Seminar: Human Trafficking: Regional and International Perspectives
26 April Forum: Towards Full Inclusion: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Human Rights
24 April Seminar: The Internatioanl Legal Protection of the Amazon
9 April Seminar: The Ao Man Long Case and Criminal Justice in Macau
18 March Seminar: Dynastic Chinese Law and the Modern Chinese Legal Identity
23 January Seminar: Constitutional Interpretation and the Basic Law of the Macao SAR



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