Andrew Byrnes was one of the founders of the CCPL.  He is now in Australia.

Robyn Emerton was Deputy Director of the Centre in 2002-2003, and headed the project on the trafficking of women, among other important contributions. 

Yash Ghai was a Sir YK Pao Professor of public law and Professor Emeritus of constitutional law at the University of Hong Kong, where he has been an Honorary Professor since his retirement. He is currently co-investigator on the First Decade of the Court of Appeal project housed in the Centre.

Hurst Hannam was a Sir YK Pao Professor at the University of Hong Kong. He is now based at Tufts University.

Michael Hor is the Chief Editor of the Singapore Journal of Legal Studies. His research interests include constitutional due process, criminal evidence criminal procedure and criminal law and he

Holning Lau was a visiting fellow at the CCPL during the spring of 2007. He is now based at the University of North Carolina.

Carole Petersen was Director of the Centre from July 2001 to June 2004.  Carole is now based at the University of Hawaii.

Mark Kende is the James Madison Chair in Constitutional Law at Drake University.




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