Board of Management

CCPL's Board of Management consists of members appointed by the Director of the Centre, as well as co-opted and ex-officio members, such as the Dean and the Head. The expertise of the Board members represents a range of areas in the fields of public and comparative law, including international law, constitutional law, human rights law, comparative private law, Chinese law, and equality.

The Board members for 2015-2017 are:

Puja Kapai
Associate Professor, Faculty of Law
Anna Wu
Non-official Member,
Executive Council of Hong Kong
Farzana Aslam
Principle Lecturer, Faculty of Law
Anne Cheng
Faculty of Law
Simon NW Young
Faculty of Law
Michael C Davis
Visiting Professor,
Faculty of Law
Albert Chen
Chan Professor in Constitutional Law,
Faculty of Law
Karen Joe Laidler
Faculty of Social Sciences
Professor John P Burns John Burns
Chair Professor and Dean,
Faculty of Social Sciences
Fu Hualing
Faculty of Law
Doreen Weisenhaus
Director of Media Law Project & Associate Professor,
Journalism and Media Studies Centre
Eliza Lee
Professor and Director,
Centre for Civil Society and Governance,
Faculty of Social Sciences

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