Research Assistant Gardenia Kwok works on the Design Democracy project.

Research Assistant Bonnie Tong works on the Disability Rights Portal project.

Research Assistant Yulin Cheng works on the Disability Rights Portal project.

Former Researchers

Patricia Alva (Senior Research Assistant)

Patricia Alva has been a practicing barrister in Hong Kong since 2006, and was a Customs Affairs Specialist prior to her admission to the Hong Kong Bar. She has published a number of articles in the Hong Kong Lawyer, and has conducted legal research on a wide range of legal topics, including, most recently, a project on transsexual people and the law. Patricia was involved in a CCPL project on local and international bribery and corruption laws as well as a consultation paper on comparative approaches to stalking laws.

Antonia Da Roza (Senior Research Assistant)

Antonio was called to the Bar in 2004 after completing pupillage at Sir Oswald Cheung's Chambers, Parkside Chambers, Gilt Chambers, and was awarded a scholarship to attend the Middle Temple Advocacy course in London in February 2005. He served an extended period of marshalling at the Court of Final Appeal before entering full practice in September 2005.  After completing his LLM, he was appointed senior research assistant in 2007 to the First Decade of Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal project, a research project housed at Hong Kong University's Centre for Comparative and Public Law Research.  In December 2008, Antonio was appointed a Research Fellow of Hong Kong University's Asian Institute of International Financial Law and the Centre for Comparative and Public Law

Che Singh (Senior Research Assistant)

Ché Singh joined the centre in 2007 as a Young Researcher after completing his LL.M in human rights law at the University of Hong Kong. Previously, he obtained his undergraduate degree from the London School of Economics, and LPC from the College of Law before working for a firm of legal aid solicitors in the UK. His current research focuses on the application of the Convention Against Torture to Hong Kong, as part of the centre's thematic research on CAT and refugee law issues.  He is also conducting a comparative study on the use of immigration detention as part of his ongoing doctoral studies.

Gabrielle Curtis (Research Assistant)

Gabrielle received her law degree at the University of Sydney and qualified as a solicitor in NSW, Australia, in 2007.  She recently completed the LLM in Human Rights programme at HKU.  Her research focuses mainly on the application of the Convention Against Torture in Commonwealth countries.

Choy Dick Wan (Research Fellow)

Choy Dick Wan obtained her LLB from City University of Hong Kong, and PCLL and LLM from the University of Hong Kong. She is currently a Research Fellow of the Department of Law of the University of Hong Kong, mainly working on a project about legal aid in rural China.



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