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Towards the Development of A Human Rights Impact Assessment for Social Welfare Policies in Hong Kong

Disability Rights Experiential Learning Programme

Asia-Pacific Journal of Human Rights and the Law

Disability Rights Portal

The Status of Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong 1997-2014

Video Interview for Developing a Narrative of Different Ethnic Minority Communities in Hong Kong

Street Law - Human Rights Community Education

Survey of Public Opinion Toward Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People in Hong Kong

A Comparative Study on Children's Rights Education: Implications for Policy Reform in Hong Kong (Puja Kapai, John Bacon-Shone, Annelotte Walsh, Fay Wong)

Policy Brief

Executive Summary

Hong Kong Human Rights Action Plan

Legal Assistance for Asylum Seekers and Torture Claimants in Hong Kong

Diversity Studies

Harnessing a Framework for Effective Remedies: A Comparative Analysis of the Legal Responses to Domestic Violence

Empowering Rural Communities: Legal Aid and the Rule of Law in Rural China

Covert Surveillance in an Age of Privacy

Equality & the Law     

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and the Concept of Substantive Equality    

Equality Law and Inclusive Education for Disabled Students

Enforcing Equal Opportunities in Hong Kong

Ethnic Minorities and the Hong Kong Education System

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CEDAW in Hong Kong

CEDAW in Hong Kong

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