Friends of the Faculty

The Friends of the Faculty Scheme was established in 1995 for the purpose of raising funds to support those educational and academic activities of the Faculty that are not directly funded by the Universities Grant Committee. Since 1995, many members of the legal profession in Hong Kong, including alumni of our law school, have become Friends of the Faculty and contributed generously to the fundraising project.

Members of the Scheme make an annual donation of $3,000 or more to the Faculty. The donations are used to support seminars, conferences and publications, visits to our Faculty by scholars outside Hong Kong, scholarships to enable mainland Chinese law scholars to study here, academic cooperation between our Faculty and leading law schools in China, and grants for our students' activities such as the publication of the Hong Kong Student Law Review, exhibitions to publicize legal knowledge, and law talks at secondary schools and youth centres.

The Faculty is most grateful to the Friends of the Faculty for their kind and generous financial and moral support, which has made possible many projects which would otherwise have been impossible, so as to support the law school at HKU and its students in the years beyond!

List of Friends of the Faculty

Mr. Allcock Robert Charles
Mr. Au Hing Cheung Thomas
Deputy High Court Judge Barnes Wai Ling Judianna
Mr. Bernard Downey
Mr. Bharwaney Mohan
Mr. Chain Shun Woo Benjamin
Mr. Chan Chee Hoi Warren, SC
Mr. Chan Chi Hung, SC
Ms. Chan Chu Ling Penelope
Mr. Chan Chue Kai
Mr. Chan Kam Ching John Barry
Mr. Chan King Sang Edward, SC
H H Judge Chan Kong Yiu Louis
Mr. Chan Sze Hung
Ms Chan Sze Ki Shirley
Mr. Chan Wah Tip Michael
Mr. Chan Wai Man Kevin
Mr. Chan Yiu Chong Christopher
Ms. Chan Yuen Man Bonnie
Mr. Chang Khen Lee Denis, SC
Mr Chang Tien Yin Jonathan
Mr. Chang Ying Lung
Ms. Chen Suk Yi Carol
Ms Cheng Hor Kwan
Mr. Cheng Man Yeung Michael
Mr. Cheng Mo Chi Moses, JP
Mr. Cheng Pui Kee Tom Louis
Mr. Cheng Yim Poon Willy
The Hon Mr Justice Cheung Chak Yau Peter, JA
Ms. Cheung Han Chu Diana
Ms. Cheung Kit Shan Susanna
Miss Cheung Mee Bo Mabel
Mr. Cheung Po Keung Keith
Ms. Cheung Sau Yu Stephanie
Ms. Cheung Tsang Ping Jonathan
Mr. Cheung Yuk Tong
Mr. Cheung Francise
Ms Chi Hui Ling Lena
Ms. Chiu Oi Li Ellie
Miss Chiu Wai Yee Hilda
Mr. Chow Bing Chiu
Mr. Chow Cheuk Yu Alfred
Ms. Chow Shuk Shan
Mr Chow Ting Kwan
Ms. Chow Janet
H H Judge Chu Pui Ying Bebe
Mr Chu Charles
Ms. Chua Yvonne
Mr. Chung Kwok Cheong
Ms. Chung Cordelia
Mr. Clarke
Class of 1980 graduates
Clifford Chance
William Stewart
Mr. da Rosa Albert Thomas Jr
Ms. Eng Barbara
Ms. Eu Yuet Mee Audrey, SC
Professor Evans Dafydd
Ms. Fan Pao Sun Sandra
Ms. Fenn Kar Bak Lily
Mr. Fong Sing Chak Jack
Mr. Fung Chi Kong Edward
Ms. Goh Tammy
Mr. Grossman Clive, SC
Mr Ho Chi Keung Raymond
Mr Ho Chiu Wai Francis
Ms. Ho Man Kay Angela
Ms. Ho May Yu Lily
Ms. Ho Yuen Mun Yvonne
Mr. Huang Lester Garson
Ms. Hung Barbara Anne
Mr Ip Shing Hing
Professor John Rear
Ms. Johnson Susan
Mr. Kan C N Tony
Mr. Kao Chu Chee Emmanuel
Mr. Koo Hoi Yan Donald
Ms. Koo Christine
Mr. Kotewall Robert G, SC
Mr Kwan Chun Tak Gary
Mr Kwan Kar Yu Peter
Ms. Kwan Long Yee Corrina
Mr Kwan Man Kwong
The Hon Madam Justice Kwan Shuk Hing Susan
Mr Kwok William
Mr Lam Kwok Hing Wilfred
The Hon Mr. Justice Lam Man Hon Johnson
Mr Lam Ting Kwok Paul
Ms Lam Tse Yan
Mr Lam Wan Ho Godfrey
Ms Lam Alexa
Ms Lam Francoise
Mr Lam Gary
Mr Lau Kwok Hing
Mr Lau Pau Tommy
Mr Lau Tze Ming Johnny
Mr Lee Chu Ming Martin, SC
Mr Lee K H Lawrence
Mr Lee Ka Sze Carmelo
Mr Lee Pak Sing Simon
Mr Lee Shu Fa Kenneth
Mr Lee Wai Man Maurice
Ms Lee Wing Yin Grace
Mr Lee Yu Cheung
Mr Leong Kah Kit Alan, SC
Ms Leong Mei Yong
Mr. Leung Chong Shun
Mr. Leung Kam Ming Albert
Ms Leung Siu Yin Emma
Mr Li Chi Chung Godwin
Ms Li Ka Wai Winnie
The Hon Chief Justice Li Kwok Nang Andrew
Ms Li Yuen Yee Angel
Mr Li Zong Er
Mr Liao Cheung Sing Andrew, SC
Ms Liu Lai Yun Amanda
Ms Liu Yuk Ling Elaine
Ms Livasiri Ankana
Ms Lo Dak Wai Alexandra
Mr Lo Hing Cheung Francis
Mr Lok Kin Wah Leo
Ms Lui Fung Mei Yee Mabel
Mr Ma Kwok Keung Kenneth
The Hon Chief Judge Ma Tao Li Geoffrey
Mr Mak Hon Ming
Ms Mak Yan Yan Winnie
Mr Maurellet José -Antonio
Mr McElney Brian S
Mr McGowan James H M
Mr Merry Malcolm John
Mr Mo Sik Keung Gilbert
Ms Mok Oi Lai, SC Alice
Ms Mok Wai Kun Barbara
Mr Neoh Anthony Francis, SC
Mr Ng Kar Fai, SC Peter
Mr Ng Kin Bun
Mr Ng Wai Ho Kenneth
Ms Ngan Lee Linda
Mr Niamatullah Abdul Majid
Mr Pang Kam Fai Dickson
Miss Pang She Kwok Szwina
Mr Pang Yiu Hung Robert
Mr Pao Jin
Ms Pinto Josephine Antonetta
Deputy Judge Poon Shiu Chor
The Hon Mr Justice Reyes Anselmo Trinidad
Mr Shieh Wing Tai Paul, SC
Ms Shih Patricia Joy
Mr Shum Cheuk Yum
Mr Shum Sze Man Erik Ignatius
Mr Sit Hoi Wah Kenneth
Mr So H S Kenneth
Ms Tai Yuen Ying Alice, OBE JP
Ms Tam Mei Fung Tammie
Ms Tam Sze Wai Amy
Ms Tam Wan Chi Winnie
The Hon Mr. Justice Tang Ching, JA Robert
Mr To Hin Tsun Gerald
Mrs Tong Yeung Wai Lan Daisy
Mr Tsang Hon Kin Albert
Mr Tsang Kin Ping Kenneth
Mr Tse Kai Bor Paul
Mr Tse Lap Bun Joseph
Mr Tse Tsat Kuen Jeff
Mr Tse Yui Suen Jacob
Mr Valentine Stuart
Mr Vine Peter Alan Lee
Mr Wai Hon Hei Terence
Mr Wan Kah Ming
Ms Wells Sheila
Ms Wong Chi Mei Patricia
Mr Wong Ching Yue, SC
Ms Wong Fung Yi Fonnie
Mr Wong K S Roger
Mr Wong Kwong Hing Paul
Ms Wong Lai Kuen Rosanna
Ms Wong Pie Yue Cleresa
Ms Wong Pui Sze Priscilla
Mr Wong Wing Yan Kenneth
Mr Woo Sze Fat Steve
Mr. Wood James
Ms Wu Hung Yuk Anna, SBS, JP
Mr Wu Ting Lok Jimmy
Ms Wu Elizabeth
The Hon Mr. Justice Yam Yee Kwan David
Mr Yan Mang Yee John, SC
Mr Yau Kai Cheong Albert
Mr Yen Yuen Ho Tony, SBS, JP
The Hon Mr Justice Yeung Chun Kuen Wally, JA
Mr Yeung Pui Choi Patrick
Mr Yeung Yuen Bun Benny
Mr Yim See Tai Valentine
Mr Young Jack
The Hon Madam Justice Yuen Ka Ning Maria Candance, JA
Mr Yuen Kwok Keung Rimsky, SC