Academic Staff

Chen Jianlin 陳建霖

Assistant Professor of Law
Director, BBA Law
Deputy Director, RPG Student Affairs
Article Editor, Hong Kong Law Journal

LL.B., National University of Singapore
LL.M., University of Chicago
J.S.D. (candidate), University of Chicago
Advocates & Solicitors (Singapore)
Counselor at Law (New York)

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Jianlin grew up in Singapore and Taiwan. He obtained his LLB from National University of Singapore and LLM from University of Chicago. He is currently completing his JSD at the University of Chicago. He is qualified to practice in Singapore and New York.

Bilingual in English and Chinese, Jianlin published widely in law journals from U.S., U.K., Hong Kong, China and Singapore, including Columbia Journal of Asian Law, Law & Social Inquiry, Oxford Journal of Law and Religion, Hong Kong Law Journal, 公司法评论, 北大法律评论, 法律和社会科学, among others. His publications’ seemingly diverse research areas of corporate law, securities regulations, insurance law, government procurement, natural resources management, historical conservation law, eminent domain, tax law, culture wars, law & religion is united by his research agenda of drawing on a combination of comparative perspectives and economic analysis (including public choice) to critically examine the unarticulated jurisprudential assumptions inherent in many areas of legal discourse.

Jianlin teaches Economic Analysis of Law, Business Associations, Commercial Law, Guided Research and Contract. He organizes and conducts the Legal Scholarship Workshop @ HKU, a regular workshop conference that invites postgraduate research students and post-docs worldwide for an earnest mutual learning session on both the substantive and stylistic aspects of legal scholarship. He also enjoys sharing legal insights and knowledge with local secondary school students via commissioned enrichment courses at the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education.

Research Interests

Corporate and Commercial Law
Comparative Law
Economic Analysis of Law
Law & Religion
Public Finance (including Government Takings and Givings)

Selected Publications

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Journal Articles

Case Comments, Book Reviews & Others


Journal Articles

  • 风和光国有化的合法性与合理性 [The Legality and Desirability of Nationalizing Wind and Sunlight], 14 经济法研究 [Economic Law Research] (with Jiongzhe Cui) (forthcoming)
  • 授予法理下的公共财产保护:从新加坡经验看中国 [Public Property Protection in China: Lessons from Singapore Experience and the Givings Perspective], 9 法律和社会科学 [Law & Social Sciences] 178-211 (2012) (with Jiongzhe Cui)
  • 新加坡en-bloc程序与我国拆迁制度的立法完善[Singapore En-Bloc Process and Reforming China’s Eminent Domain Regime], 17 厦门大学法律评论[Xiamen University Law Review] 246-276 (2009) (with Jiongzhe Cui)
  • 中国和新加坡一人公司:公司人格制度视角下的比较研究[One Member Company in China and Singapore: A Comparative Study from the Perspective of Corporate Personality], 15 公司法评论[Review of Corporation Law] 1-22 (2008) (with Rongjing Zhao)
  • 股权分置改革中的行政授予与补偿协商:公法与私法的融合[Regulatory Giving and Compensation Negotiation in Split Share Structure Reform: a Fusion of Public Law and Private Law], 8 北大法律评论[Peking Law Review] 78-105 (2007) (with Wen-Yu Wang)
  • 美国集团诉讼模式VS东亚非牟利组织集团诉讼模式:对中国证券市场的借鉴[US’s Class Actions VS East Asia’s Non-profit Organization Class Actions: Lessons to China’s Securities Market], 39 阶梯 [Jieti] 11-15 (2006)

Newspaper Articles & Others

  • 認識「公告立法」 應對政策挑戰 [Understanding the Policy Challenges of “Legislation by Press Release”], 信報 [Hong Kong Economic Journal], Mar. 29, 2014