Academic Staff

Thomas Cheng 鄭建韓

Associate Professor
Bachelor of Arts, Yale University (1999)
Juris Doctor, Harvard Law School (2002)
Bachelor of Civil Law, University of Oxford (2003)
Member of New York State Bar

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Public and External Positions:

Member, Hong Kong Competition Commission
Member, Energy Advisory Committee
Member, Committee on Slot Complaints
Member, Business Facilitation Advisory Committee

Member, Advisory Board, American Antitrust Institute
Member, Executive Board, Academic Society for Competition Law
Member, International Advisory Board, Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies

Representative Publications:

1. Regulating Abuse of Superior Bargaining Position under the Japanese Competition Law: An Anomaly or a Necessity? (co-authored with Masako Wakui), 3(2) Journal of Antitrust Enforcement (2015) 302-33 (nominated for Concurrences 2016 Antitrust Writing Awards).

2. Abuse of Administrative Monopoly in China, in State-Initiated Restraints of Competition 135-165 (Josef Drexl & Vicente Bagnoli eds.) (Edward Elgar 2015).

3. Introduction of Competition and Environmental Regulation in the Electricity Sector in Hong Kong (co-authored with Jolene S. Lin), 37(4) World Competition (2014) 569-600.

4. An Economic Analysis of Limited Shareholder Liability in Contractual Claims, 11(1) Berkeley Business Law Journal (2014) 113-181.

5. Competition and the State in China, in Competition and the State 170-186 (D. Daniel Sokol, Thomas K. Cheng & Ioannis Lianos eds.) (Stanford University Press 2014).

6. The Patent-Antitrust Interface in Developing Countries, in Competition Law and Development 212-227 (D. Daniel Sokol, Thomas K. Cheng & Ioannis Lianos eds.) (Stanford University Press 2013).

7. Putting Innovation Incentives Back in the Patent-Antitrust Interface, 11(5) Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property (2013) 385-439.

8. A Developmental Approach to the Patent-Antitrust Interface, 33(1) Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business (2012) 1-79.

9. Culture and Antitrust, in The Global Limits of Antitrust (Ioannis Lianos & D. Daniel Sokol eds.) (Stanford University Press 2012) 205-220. 

10. Convergence and Its Discontents: A Reconsideration of the Merits of Convergence of Global Competition Law, 12(2) Chicago Journal of International Law 433-490 (2012).

11. The Lifting of Corporate Veil Doctrine in Hong Kong: An Empirical, Comparative, and Development Perspective, 40(3) Common Law World Review 207-234 (2011).

12. The Corporate Veil Doctrine Revisited: A Comparative Study of the English and the U.S. Corporate Veil Doctrines, 34(2) Boston College International and Comparative Law Review 329-412 (2011).

13. Form and Substance of the Doctrine of Piercing of Corporate Veil, 80(2) Mississippi Law Journal 497-584 (2010).

14. Competition Law Enforcement in the Television Broadcasting Sector in Hong Kong: Past Cases and Recent Controversies, 33(2) World Competition (2010) 317-43 (nominated for the journal’s Young Writers’ Award). 

15. A Tale of Two Competition Law Regimes—The Telecom-Sector Competition Regulation in Hong Kong and Singapore, 30(3) World Competition 501-526 (2007) (nominated for the journal’s Young Writers’ Award). 

Specialized Areas: Competition Law