Academic Staff

Ernest Lim

Associate Professor
LL.B., National University of Singapore
LL.M., Harvard Law School
B.C.L., University of Oxford
Attorney, New York State
Solicitor, England and Wales

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Associate Professor

Associate Professor Lim’s research interests include company law, corporate governance and corporate finance law. He has written on corporate law theory, corporate personality, corporate attribution, directors’ duties, shareholders’ remedies, securities’ offerings and private law theory. He has published in the Modern Law Review, Law Quarterly Review, Legal Studies and Journal of Law and Society. In recognition of his research, he was elected to a Visiting Fellowship at St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford. He was also awarded the General Research Fund by the HKSAR Research Grants Council and the Faculty Research Output prize.

Prior to joining HKU, he was an associate in the New York and Hong Kong offices of Davis Polk & Wardwell where he represented bulge bracket investment banks and issuers ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies in capital markets transactions including IPOs, high yield and convertible notes.

He teaches the Law of Business Associations and Contract Law at HKU and held visiting professorships at the Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University and the National University of Singapore.

A graduate of the University of Oxford (B.C.L.), Harvard Law School (LL.M.) and the National University of Singapore (LL.B.), he is admitted to the New York State bar and is an English solicitor.

Selected Refereed Publications

1.  “Ex Turpi Causa: Reformation not Revolution” (2017) 80 Modern Law Review (forthcoming)

2. “Judicial Intervention in Directors’ Decision-Making Process: Section 172 of the Companies Act” [2017] Journal of Business Law (forthcoming)

3. “Attribution and the Illegality Defence” (2016) 79 Modern Law Review 476-487

4. “Tensions in Private Law Judicial Decision-Making” [2016] Journal of Business Law 325-334

5. “Corporate Law, Private Law and Instrumentalism” [2015] Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 541-574

6. “Contracting Out of Fiduciary Duties” (2015) 44 Common Law World Review 276-297

7. “Attribution and the Fraud Exception” [2015] Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 14-18

8. “Attribution in Company Law” (2014) 77 Modern Law Review 794-807

9. “Of Landmark and Leading Cases: Salomon’s Challenge” (2014) 41 Journal of Law and Society 523-550

10. “Directors’ Duties: Improper Purposes or Implied Terms?” (2014) 34 Legal Studies 395-418

11. “Directors’ Fiduciary Duties: A New Analytical Framework” (2013) 129 Law Quarterly Review 242-263

12. “Formalism and Companies” (2013) 13 Journal of Corporate Law Studies 477-501

13. “A Critique of Corporate Attribution: "Directing Mind and Will" and Corporate Objectives” [2013] Journal of Business Law 333-353

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16. “Salomon Reigns” (2013) 129 Law Quarterly Review 480-485

17.  “Commercial Purpose and Business Common Sense in Contractual Interpretation” (2012) 23 King's Law Journal 94-100

18. “Personal Tortious Cause of Action: Assignment and Champerty” (2011) 19 Tort Law Review 119-124