Academic Staff

Dr Gu Weixia 顧維遐

Assistant Professor
SJD, MCL (HKU), LLB (ECUPL, Shanghai), MCIArb.
Fulbright Fellow (NYU), 2006-07.

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Dr. Weixia Gu, Assistant Professor, joined the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong since August 2007. She specializes in arbitration, business dispute resolution, civil justice and commercial laws, with a particular focus on legal developments in these areas in Greater China. Prior to joining the Law Faculty, Dr. Gu was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship from the United States Department of State and had been selected as an honorary junior scholar to the US-Asia Law Institute of the New York University School of Law during 2006-07. She had also been a young visiting scholar to the Cornell University and Fordham University Law Schools in 2007 where she conducted research on comparative commercial arbitration.

Dr. Gu teaches both LLB and LLM courses at the Faculty. Her courses include Chinese Commercial Law, Dispute Resolution in China, Arbitration in Greater China, and International Commercial Arbitration.

Dr. GU has researched actively and published widely in areas of arbitration and business dispute resolution. Her works have appeared in many prestigious international law journals. Some of her selected publications include: "Judicial Review of Arbitral Awards in Hong Kong and the Mainland: Lessons and Convergence between Two Jurisdictions in China", 115(4) Renmin University Law Review (2009); "The China-styled Closed Panel System in Arbitral Tribunal Formation", 25(1) Journal of International Arbitration (2008); "China’s Search for Complete Separability of Arbitral Agreements", 3(2) Asian International Arbitration Journal (2007); "The China-style Commission-oriented Competence on Arbitral Jurisdiction", 9(6) International Arbitration Law Review (2006); "The NYPE 93 Arbitration Clause: Where Ends the Open-End?", 37(2) Journal of Maritime Law & Commerce (2006); "Recourse against Arbitral Awards: How Far Can a Court Go? Supportive and Supervisory Role of HK Courts, Lessons to PRC Arbitration", 4(2) Chinese Journal of International Law (2005); "Security for Costs in International Commercial Arbitration", 22(3) Journal of International Arbitration (2005); "Improving Commercial Dispute Resolution in China", 9(1) Asian Dispute Review (2005); "Confidentiality Revisited: blessing or curse in international commercial arbitration", 15(3) American Review of International Arbitration (2004).

Currently, Dr. Gu is conducting studies on selective adaptation of international arbitration norms in China against the country’s integration into the global economy. She also has interests with respect to resolving different types of business disputes in China such as disputes relating to labor, securities, investment, etc.

Specialized Areas: Comparative Commercial Arbitration, Business Dispute Resolution in Greater China, Civil Justice, Commercial Laws