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Dr Li Yahong 李亞虹

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Dr. Yahong Li is an Associate Professor and Deputy Head at the Department of Law. She is also an Associate Director at HKU Technology Transfer Office. She served as Director of LLM Program in IP/IT at the Department of Law from 2003-2010.

Dr. Li specializes in intellectual property law with a focus on cross-disciplinary study on intellectual property and cutting-edge technologies such as biotechnology and information technology, and publishes extensively in relevant area including a book entitled “Imitation to Innovation in China: the Role of Patents in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries (Edward Elgar, 2010), and journal articles/book chapters such as “Human Gene Patenting and Its Implications to Medical Research,” in P. Yu (ed.), Intellectual Property and Information Wealth (Praeger, 2007) and “Pushing for Greater Protection: the Trend of Chinese Software Industry and the Implications for the Rule of Law in China,” U Penn. J. Int’l Eco. L., Vol. 23:4 (2002). She was a member of two HKU theme-based research projects: “Drug Discovery/Synthesis” and “ethical and legal issue for genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics” in 2005, and succeeded to the final selection round in a very competitive RGC Theme-Based Research grant application in 2011 as a core Co-Principle Investigator on the topic of Developing a Roadmap for Enhancing Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong: Innovation, Enterprises, and Hong Kong’s Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

Dr. Li is an active researcher and a frequent conference speaker. She authored or edited 17 books and monographs, and published 35 journal articles, book chapters and other writings. She received 14 research grants, and attended nearly 60 international conferences as a keynote speaker or speakers around the world.

Dr. Li served as a member of Constitutional Affairs Committee of Law Society of Hong Kong from 2001 to 2005, and currently she is an elected Council Member (理事) of Intellectual Property Law Association of China Law Society; a Regional Coordinator for copyright law amendment project under China State Administration of Copyright, a co-Legal Project Lead of Hong Kong Creative Commons, an Honorary Advisor to Hong Kong Institute of Patent Attorneys, and an Associate External Academic Advisor for City University of Hong Kong School of Law.

Prior to joining in HKU, she had worked as a visiting scholar at Harvard Law School, a Software Licensing Administrator at MIT, and a research staff at Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress.

Dr. Li received her undergraduate (Southwest U. of Pol. & Law) and graduate (Peking U.) legal study in China, and then obtained her JD from Suffolk University, and JSD and JSM from Stanford University specializing in intellectual property law.

She currently teaches following courses: International and Comparative IP Law; IP, Innovation and Development; Management and Commercialization of IP; Introduction to Chinese Law and Legal System, and PRC Tort Law. 


Specialization: intellectual property law and Chinese tort law.