Academic Staff

Haochen Sun 孫皓琛

Assistant Professor of Law
Deputy Director, LLM (IT&IP Law)

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Haochen is currently an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong and Deputy Director of the Master of Law in Information Technology and Intellectual Property at Faculty of Law, HKU. He taught at the University of California, Davis, School of Law as a Visiting Professor in the fall of 2012

Haochen teaches and writes in the areas of intellectual property and property. His scholarship draws on social, cultural, and political thought to explore the theoretical foundations of intellectual property and property law. His most recent research is concerned with intellectual property protection of luxury goods, the ideas of social responsibility and justice in intellectual property law, the reconceptualization of the nature of fair use in copyright law, and a new social-political theory of the public trust doctrine. During the past few years, Haochen worked on theoretical and policy studies of various intellectual property issues, such as copyright protection and digital technology, the three-step test used in international copyright treaties, and patent and public health.

Haochen has presented papers at numerous conferences. His recent work on intellectual property has been selected for presentation at the Fourth Harvard-Stanford International Junior Faculty Forum, the plenary session of the Eleventh Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, and the Fourth Junior Scholars in Intellectual Property Workshop at Michigan State University College of Law. Haochen has also given faculty workshops or guest talks at Cornell Law School, Duke Law School, University of Toronto Faculty of Law, UC Davis Law School, University of North Carolina Law School, and Vanderbilt Law School.

In June 2012, Haochen organized a two-day conference entitled “Charting the New Frontiers of Intellectual Property Protection of Luxury Goods.” The conference featured talks by leading intellectual property scholars and practitioners from the United States, Europe, and Hong Kong. Recently, Haochen won a research grant to study the role of intellectual property in promoting the luxury industry from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council.

Before joining the University of Hong Kong, Haochen worked as a research fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society and the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property. He obtained an LL.B. from Zhejiang University, and LL.M. degrees from the National University of Singapore and Harvard Law School. He is currently completing his SJD dissertation. The dissertation seeks to put forward a new ethical theory of copyright law.

Selected Publications

The Luxury Economy and Intellectual Property: Critical Reflections (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2014) (edited with Barton Beebe and Madhavi Sunder)

Book Chapters: 
“Luxury Brands and Cultural Diversity: The Role of Trademark Law,” in Protecting and Promoting Diversity with Intellectual Property Law (Irene Calboli and Srividhya Ragavan eds., Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2014)

 “The Shanzhai Phenomenon and its Challenge to Intellectual Property Law,” in Flashpoints: Changing Paradigms in Media, Technology and Intellectual Property Law (Alexandra George ed., Quid Pro Law, forthcoming 2014)

“Anti-Dilution Protection in the Global Economy,” in Research Handbook on International Intellectual Property Law (Daniel J. Gervais ed., Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming 2014)

“The Ethical Responsibilities of Luxury Companies and Consumers,” in The Luxury Economy and Intellectual Property: Critical Reflections (Barton Beebe et al. eds. Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2014)

“Andy Warhol in Love with Louis Vuitton: Is Luxury Pop Art Possible?” (work in progress)

“Hermès in the Lost Luxury Paradise: Relocating the Future of Well-Known Trademark Protection in China” (work in progress)

“Reforming Anti-Dilution Protection in the Globalization of Luxury Brands,” 43 Georgetown Journal of International Law (forthcoming spring 2014)  

“The Distinctiveness of a Fashion Monopoly,” 3 New York University Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law 142-196 (2013)  [Download]

“Living Together in One Civilized World: How Luxury Companies and Consumers Can Fulfill Their Ethical Responsibilities to the Poor,” 46 UC Davis Law Review 547-579 (2013)  [Download]

“Copyright and Responsibility,” 4 Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law 263-317 (2013) [Download]

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“Fair Use as a Collective User Right,” 90 North Carolina Law Review 125-202 (2011) [Download]

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