Academic Staff

Dr Richard Wu 胡惠生

Associate Professor
LLB (HKU) PCLL (HKU), BSc (Economics), LLM (London), MBA (Warwick),
LLB, LLM (Peking), LLM (IT and Telecommunications Law) (Stratclyde) and
PhD (London)

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Grant Record

Leung Kau Kui Research and Teaching Endowment Fund Teaching Grants (2011)
Award: HK$75,000
Project Title: Effective Teaching of Common Law Concepts and Values to Chinese Students                                                          
Status: Ongoing

Sumitomo Foundation Research Grant (2011)                            
Award: US$80,000                                                        
Project Title: Regulation of Lawyers' Ethics in Japan and China: A Comparative
Status: Ongoing

HKU Small Project Funding (2010)                                        
Award: HK$72,000                                                       
Project Title: A Study of the Legal and Policy Issues in Implementing 'Three Network
Convergence' in China                                          
Status: Ongoing

Government Research Fund (GRF) (2009)
Award: HK$311,360
Project Title: The Legal and Policy Implications of Implementing a Land Title
Registration System in England: Lessons for Hong Kong and
Status: Ongoing

HKU Small Project Funding (2009)                                        
Award: HK$71,757                                                       
Project Title: Lawyer's Image and Ethics in Hong Kong Television and Films              Status: Ongoing

Public Policy Research Grant (PPRG) (2008)
Award: HK$370,000
Project Title: The Legal and Policy Implications of Establishing the Communications
Authority in Hong Kong                                             
Status: Completed

HKU Teaching Development Grant (2008)
Award: HK$269,488
Project Title: Improving Assessment Practices for Legal Education            
Status: Completed

Small Project Funding (2007)
Award: HK$66,885
Project Title: Implementation of Banking Laws in China after WTO Accession  
Status: Completed

Seed Funding Programme for Basic Research (2007)
Award: HK$70,000
Project Title: The Law and Policy for Implementing A Land Title Registration
System in Hong Kong                                               
Status: Completed

Leung Kau Kui and Run Run Shaw Research and Teaching Endowment
Funds (2007)
Award: HK$99,996
Project title: Promoting the Teaching Legal Ethics and Professionalism:
Assessment for Curriculum Reform in Professional Legal Education                
Status: Completed