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  • Sample Volumes

  • Volume 6 (2012)

    Chief Editor: Christine Yu

    Managing Editors: Florence Poon, Kelvin Kwok, Stephanie Sham


    Extending the Protection in Insurance Contracts: The More the Merrier?

    Individual Manifestations of Religion and Belief under the ECHR

    International Law Defined and Its Impact: The Legal Thoughts of Grotius, Vattel and Wheaton

    Police Power and the Freedom of Assembly

    Should legal advice privilege be confined to natural persons?

    The Benefits of Safe Harbour in Hong Kong for Social Networking Websites

    The Future of the Presumption of Advancement in Hong Kong

  • Volume 7 (2013)

    Chief Editors: Martin Ho, Peter Ng

    Senior Editors: Eva Leung, Clare Tsang, Inez Wong, Cherry Xu


    Book Review: Samuel Moyn, The Last Utopia: Human Rights In History (The Belknap Press 2012)

    Breach of the Peace and Constitutional Freedom of Assembly in the HKSAR

    Case Commentary: Secretary For Justice v Chau Ka Chik Tso - The Doctrine of Encroachment: Theories And Problems

    Equality in Education for Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong: A Possible Judicial Review Case?

    Legislating for Transgender People: A Comparative Study of the Change of Legal Gender in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and The United Kingdom

    Navigation Between Autonomy and Authority: Some Suggestions on the Future Legislation Under Article 23

    NGOs In China: Breakthroughs, Limitations and Hopes

    The Definition of Relevant Market: Comparative Analysis and Practice in China

    The Use of Electronic Evidence in Hong Kong: Implications of Evidence Law and Civil Procedure Rules