Hong Kong Law Journal 1971 - 2017

Vol. 47, Part 1 of 2017


Legislative Oaths and Judicial Intervention in Hong Kong Po Jen Yap and Eric Chan 1
Ho Kwok Tai v Collector of Stamp Revenue — Analysis and Implications Stefano Mariani 17
Outraging Public Decency: In Your Face and Up Your Skirt — The Dynamism and Limits of the Common Law Hon Mr Justice Fok PJ 33
Understanding Cross-Border Insolvency in the Hong Kong Context Hon Mr Justice Harris 55
Global Constitutionalism — Some Critical Remarks Jaakko Husa 73
Well-known Trade Marks and Dissimilar Goods: HK, UK and EU Law Alice Lee 89
Copyright v Freedom of Contract: The “Contract Override” Issue in Hong Kong’s Copyright Amendment Wenwei Guan 115
Losing Out in Powering Innovation: The Necessity of Introducing Research and Development Tax Incentives in Hong Kong Jingyi Wang 143
Legal Protection of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Context of the Creative Economy Jing Zhuo 171
Credit Ratings: The Moody’s Case Syren Johnstone 193
The Hong Kong Subconstitutional Model of Separation of Powers: The Case of Weak Judicial Review Guobin Zhu and Antonios Kouroutakis 221
United Nations Convention on the Law of the Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses: Problems, Improvements and Potential Influence on China Zewei Yang 243
Letter of Indemnity in Carriage of Goods by Sea: Chinese Law and Judicial Practice Liang Zhao 265
Hong Kong in 1963–1964: Adventures of a Budding China Watcher Jerome A Cohen 291
Advanced Introduction to the Law of International Organizations, Jan KlabbersAmy Barrow 311
Title and Title Conflicts in respect of Intermediated Securities under English Law, Dr Wenwen LiangGuangjian Tu 317

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