Conference Presentations

Ho, E. Y. L., & Chan, J. M. M. (2013). Searching the academy: a Chinese Opera and the rule of Law. Paper presented at the Association for the Study of Law, Culture and the Humanities (ASLCH 2013) Conference.

Hutton, C. M. (2015). Sociolinguistics and its metalinguistic paradox. Paper presented at the Sociolinguistics of Globalization: (De)centring and (de)standardization.

Leung, J. (2013). Translation Equivalence as Legal Fiction. Paper presented at the Language and the Law – Bridging Gaps (co-sponsored by IAFL & ALIDI).

Leung, J. (2014). Societal Multilingualism and Legal Order. Paper presented at the Harvard Yenching Institute Workshop.

Leung, J. (2014). The Changing Contexts of Legal Bilingualism: Historical and Modern Practice. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association.

Matthews, D. (2015). True grit and the strange wonders at the limits of the law. Paper presented at the City University of Hong Kong Law and Literature Research Seminar.

Veitch, S. (2013). Law and the Common Good. Paper presented at the Law, Literature and the Humanities Association of Australasia, ANU.

Veitch, S. (2014). Jurisprudential Reflections on Confucian Perfectionism. Paper presented at the 9th East Asian Conference on Philosophy of Law, Seoul.

Veitch, S. (2014). Revisiting the Common Good. Paper presented at the Onati Institute for the Sociology of Law, Spain.