The LLM Programme

Hong Kong is an ideal venue for the arbitration and mediation of disputes arising from international commercial and financial investment in Hong Kong, mainland China and the rest of the Asian region. In order to train professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise in dispute resolution methods, particularly negotiation, mediation and arbitration, the HKU Faculty of Law introduced an innovative cross-disciplinary Master of Laws programme specializing in arbitration and dispute resolution in September 2007. This professionally accredited LL.M. Degree in Arbitration & Dispute Resolution is open to both law and non-law graduates and is part of a comprehensive arbitration and dispute resolution teaching and research initiative launched by the Law Faculty.

Apart from legal professionals, other groups who will benefit from this specialized LLM programme include members of Hong Kong’s business and financial community, specialists in the construction and engineering fields, mediation and arbitration practitioners, government officials, legislators in the HKSAR and the Asian region, judges and judicial officers who deal with dispute resolution, and members of international organizations specializing in dispute resolution such as the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators, Hong Kong Mediation Centre and the Hong Kong Mediation Council.

The programme requires approximately 300 hours of class time. Candidates will be required to complete courses to the value of 72 credits, including three compulsory 9-credit courses and a capstone course for a candidate with a degree in law or six compulsory 9-credit courses and a capstone course for a candidate with a degree in a discipline other than law.