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Full-time: 1 Year
Part-time: 2 Years


Mr Paul Lejot
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(As of 2017-2018)
$121,000 p.a. (local students)
$146,000 p.a. (non-local students)


Part-time: $60,500 p.a.


(For admission in Sept 2018)
28 February 2018.

Programme structure
Admission requirements
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Hong Kong is today one of the world’s leading financial centres. Its vibrant economy, widely respected system of justice, and world class financial regulatory regime offer outstanding opportunities for study that are matched only by the most highly–regarded jurisdictions. This programme combines expertise in the areas of corporate and financial law and provides the resources for comprehensive study of the law and problems encountered within a sophisticated commercial and financial community.

Students are required to complete 72 credits, including two 9-credit compulsory courses and a capstone experience in accordance with the regulations for this degree and the syllabus. Students may choose courses from the course outlines of individual areas of law below, and courses from any of the specialist programmes, but in any event no more than two courses from other LLM specialist programmes.

(Each of the courses listed below carries 9 credits unless otherwise stated.)

  • Compulsory courses
    • LLAW6055 Law of international finance I
    • (Students must choose at least one 9-credit course from the list below.)
    • LLAW6025 Company law and securities regulation in the People’s Republic of China
    • LLAW6279 Comparative corporate law and theories
    • LLAW6207 Corporate conflicts
    • LLAW6082 Corporate governance and shareholders remedies
  • Capstone courses
    • (Students must choose at least one 9-credit course from the list below.)
    • LLAW6014 18-credit Dissertation
    • LLAW6054 9-credit Dissertation
    • LLAW6127 Current issues in financial law
    • LLAW6224 Mergers and acquisitions
    • LLAW6057 International securities law
  • Electives
    • LLAW6187 Advanced topics in competition law
    • LLAW6236 ASEAN law
    • LLAW6024 Banking law
    • LLAW6153 Business and human rights
    • LLAW6172 Carriage of goods by sea
    • LLAW6185 China investment law
    • LLAW6186 China trade law
    • LLAW6124 Communications law
    • LLAW6025 Company law and securities regulation in the People’s Republic of China
    • LLAW6248 Comparative contract law
    • LLAW6154 Competition law I
    • LLAW6155 Competition law II
    • LLAW6101 Competition, mergers and acquisitions
    • LLAW6245 Compliance in the Hong Kong securities industry
    • LLAW6252 Construction of Commercial Contracts
    • LLAW6207 Corporate conflicts
    • LLAW6082 Corporate governance and shareholder remedies
    • LLAW6267 Courts
    • LLAW6002 Credit and security law
    • LLAW6206 Cross border corporate finance: issues and techniques
    • LLAW6214 Current issues in Chinese law
    • LLAW6087 Current issues in insolvency law
    • LLAW6088 Derivatives: law and regulation
    • LLAW6111 E-business law
    • LLAW6210 Energy law
    • LLAW6222 Financial dispute resolution: Hong Kong and international perspectives
    • LLAW6194 Global business law I
    • LLAW6195 Global business law II
    • LLAW6107 Insurance law
    • LLAW6099 International commercial arbitration
    • LLAW6133 International economic law
    • LLAW6128 International trade law I
    • LLAW6096 International tax and tax planning
    • LLAW6110 Law and regulation of banking and insurance in the People’s Republic of China
    • LLAW6239 Law and regulation of private banking and wealth management I
    • LLAW6246 Law and regulation of private banking and wealth management II
    • LLAW6230 Law and practice of investment treaty arbitration
    • LLAW6256 Law of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing and compliance issues
    • LLAW6178 Law, economics, regulation and development
    • LLAW6265 Law, regulation and compliance of insurance industry in Hong Kong
    • LLAW6094 Law of international finance 2
    • LLAW6181 Management and commercialization of intellectual property
    • LLAW6097 Pension and investment funds in Hong Kong and the PRC
    • LLAW6165 PRC economic law
    • LLAW6048 PRC security and insolvency law
    • LLAW6201 PRC taxation law and policy
    • LLAW6213 Property protection in China: law, politics and culture
    • LLAW6093 Regulation of financial markets
    • LLAW6266 Regulatory compliance in international finance and OCT derivatives documentation
    • LLAW6049 Securities regulation I
    • LLAW6244 Securities regulation II
    • LLAW6211 World trade law, policy and business

NOTE: Not all courses will be offered in any given year. For actual courses available, please refer to annual course offerings.

Applicants must comply with the General Regulations and Regulations for Taught Postgraduate Curriculaand fulfil at least one of requirements (1) to (3) below AND (if applicable) requirement (4):

(1) hold a degree of Bachelor of Laws with at least second class honours or an equivalent qualification accepted by the University for this purpose; or

(2) hold a degree in a discipline other than law with at least second class honours accepted by the University for this purpose and have at least two years relevant experience and professional qualifications; or

(3) have obtained either the Common Professional Examination of England and Wales or the Common Professional Examination Certificate of this University, provided that in either case a second class honours degree or a qualification of equivalent standard of this University or another comparable institution accepted for this purpose has also been obtained;

(4) for an applicant who is seeking admission on the basis of a qualification from a university or comparable institution outside Hong Kong of which the language of teaching and/or examination is not English, shall satisfy the Faculty English language requirement with one of the following recognized English tests:

(i) Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) – a score of 593 or above (paper-based test) or 97 or above (internet-based test); or

(ii) International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – an overall band score of 7 or above with no subtest below 6.5;

in each case, for admissions purposes, the test score report is regarded as valid for two years.

Online application for admission in September 2018 is not open yet.

Deadline: Hong Kong Time 12:00 noon, 28 February 2018.