HKU Outgoing Exchange Programme


It is now possible to study for part of your degree on an approved exchange or limited Visiting Student programme. It is a worthwhile experience which will broaden your horizon and perspective.

LLB students may go on a one semester or full year exchange through the Faculty of Law programmes in their Year 3 or Year 4. Integrated degree students (BBA(Law)&LLB, BSS(G&L)&LLB and BA&LLB may do so in Year 4 or Year 5.

Students wishing to transfer credit for 1 or 2 law subjects during a non-Faculty of Law exchange, or obtain advance standing from a summer or other visiting student programme, must obtain the prior approval of the Director of Exchange (Outgoing).  Obtaining prior approval means exactly that.  Applications made during or after a programme of study will not be approved.

Guidance Notes on Exchange

Guidance notes for Exchange Programme 2018-19

Exchange Application

The Law Faculty-based Exchange Programme for the academic year 2018-2019 will be open for application in November 2017.  Click here for the list of exchange institutions for 2018-19 law exchange programme (the list will be updated regularly).  Students will be asked to submit their applications online and submit relevant supporting documents to the General Office (10/F Cheng Yu-Tung Tower) before the following deadline:

Period of Exchange

Application Deadline

Sept-Dec 2018 / Sept 2018-May 2019 (Full year or either semester)

The online application system will be open at early Nov 2017

11:59pm 1 Dec 2017*
[Deadline: to submit your online application form]

9am 15 Jan 2018 - 11:59pm 21 Jan 2018**
[to finalise your exchange options]

22 Jan 2018
[to submit your hard copies of supporting documents]

*Applicants who achieved a cGPA of 3.5 or above may be invited to attend interviews in early January 2018 to discuss their exchange plans.  

** This is to give you an opportunity to change your exchange options after knowing your first semester's examination results. Change is optional.

Students who plan to go for exchange in the second semester (ie. Jan-Jun) are strongly encouraged to apply by 1 December 2018.  This is to enhance the chance for students to secure an exchange placement.  The online application form will be available very soon.

Late applications will NOT be processed.