ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3694-089X
SCOPUS ID: 57216633414

Dr Jamieson Kirkwood

Postdoctoral Fellow in Finance, Technology, Regulation and Sustainable Development

LLB (Cardiff), LLM International Economic Law (CUHK), MSc Investment Management (Swansea), PhD (CUHK) 

Barrister at Law (Middle Temple) – non-practicing, Mediator (CMC / SIMI Accredited)


Jamie is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Finance, Technology, Regulation and Sustainable Development at the Faculty of Law at the University of Hong Kong. He completed his PhD at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and spent over 10 years practicing as an inhouse counsel with several multinational corporations. He is also Called to the Bar in England & Wales.

Jamie specialises in international economic law, regulation & development, financial law & technology and digital dispute resolution. He wrote his PhD thesis on the settlement of disputes arising within China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Whilst at CUHK, Jamie published several related articles and was awarded the prestigious Postgraduate Research Award 2020 from CUHK in recognition of his hard work.

Currently Jamie is researching under the guidance of Professor Douglas Arner as regards the Hong Kong Research Grants Council Senior Research Fellowship project on the role of FinTech and RegTech in financial inclusion and the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as a 4 year RGC Research Impact Fund project focusing on FinTech policy and regulation.

Jamie’s most recent publications (co-author with Professor Julien Chaisse of City University of Hong Kong) were in the STANFORD JOURNAL OF BLOCKCHAIN LAW & POLICY, the Singapore Journal of Legal Studies and LAW AND FINANCIAL MARKETS REVIEW. The citations/links are as follows:

  1. Chaisse, Julien & Kirkwood, Jamieson, ‘Smart Courts, Smart Contracts, and the Future of Online Dispute Resolution’ (2022) 5 (1) Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy 62-91. https://stanford-jblp.pubpub.org/pub/future-of-odr/release/1 
  2. Chaisse, Julien & Kirkwood, Jamieson, ‘Taxing The Future: Digital Stateless Income, Business Organisation, and the Search for a New Regulatory Paradigm’ [2022] 2 Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 267-289 <https://www.proquest.com/docview/2753397272/A5F75A2F9ED042CDPQ/2?accountid=14548
  3. Chaisse, Julien & Kirkwood, Jamieson, ‘Tokenized funding and initial litigation offerings: the new kids putting third-party funding on the block’ [2022] Law and Financial Markets Review <https://doi.org/10.1080/17521440.2022.2153609>.

Research Area

  • Digital Dispute Resolution
  • Financial Law and Technology
  • Regulation and Development
  • WTO, Trade and International Economic Law

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3694-089X
SCOPUS ID: 57216633414