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Financial law and regulation has been one of AIIFL’s core research areas since its establishment and remains one of its flagship areas of activity. Given Hong Kong’s position as one of the leading international financial centres not only in the Asia-Pacific region but globally, financial law and regulation are central areas of interest to researchers, professionals, policymakers and students, reflected not only in the activities of AIIFL and its fellows as well as in the Faculty’s leading LLM in Corporate and Financial Law Programme.

Since its establishment, AIIFL has striven to maintain its research activities at the cutting edge of issues relating to financial law and regulation in Hong Kong, China, the region and globally. These have taken the form of a number of major research projects, significant publications, an ever-increasing list of conferences and visitors as well as policy advice and training.

Major areas of research include:

Enhancing Hong Kong’s Future as a Leading International Financial Centre
– FinTech and RegTech
Debt capital markets development
Financial liberalisation and restructuring in China
International financial services regulation
Financial crises and financial institution insolvency

Over time, AIIFL has held/produced a substantial number of conferences and books on related subjects including: Douglas Arner, Berry Hsu, Say Goo, Syren Johnstone and Paul Lejot, Financial Markets in Hong Kong: Law and Practice (Oxford University Press, 2d ed., 2016 forthcoming); Ross Buckley, Emilios Avgouleas and Douglas Arner (eds.), Rethinking Global Finance and its Regulation (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2015); Qiao Liu, Paul Lejot and Douglas Arner, Finance in Asia: Institutions, Regulation and Policy (Routledge 2013); Qiao Liu, Paul Lejot and Douglas Arner (eds.), Finance in Asia: A Collection of Major Works (Abingdon: Routledge 2013) (4 vols); Ross Buckley and Douglas Arner, From Crisis to Crisis: The Global Financial System and Regulatory Failure (Kluwer 2011); Ross Buckley, Richard Hu and Douglas Arner (eds.), East Asian Economic Integration: Law, Trade and Finance (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar 2011); Douglas Arner, Financial Stability, Economic Growth and the Role of Law (Cambridge University Press 2007); Frederik Pretorius, Paul Lejot, Arthur McInnis, Douglas Arner and Berry Hsu, Project Finance for Construction and Infrastructure: Principles and Case Studies (Blackwell 2007); Berry Hsu, Douglas Arner, Maurice Tse and Syren Johnstone, Financial Markets in Hong Kong: Law and Practice (Oxford University Press 2006); James Barth, Zhongfei Zhou, Douglas Arner, Berry Hsu and Wei Wang (eds.), Financial Restructuring and Reform in Post-WTO China (Kluwer 2006); Douglas Arner, Jae-Ha Park, Paul Lejot and Qia Liu (eds.), Asia’s Debt Capital Markets: Prospects and Strategies for Development (Springer 2006); Douglas Arner and Jan-juy Lin (eds.), Financial Regulation – A Guide to Structural Reform (Sweet & Maxwell 2003); Say Goo, Douglas Arner and Zhongfei Zhou (eds.), International Financial Sector Reform: Standard Setting and Infrastructure Development (Kluwer 2002); and Douglas Arner, Mamiko Yokoi-Arai and Zhongfei Zhou (eds.), Financial Crises in the 1990s: A Global Perspective (British Institute of International and Comparative Law 2001).

Looking forward, AIIFL will continue to focus on major issues with respect to global financial markets and their regulation as they change and evolve and continue to host major events and visitors as well as supporting policy reform efforts in Hong Kong, China, the region and around the world.