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Law Mentorship Programme 2010    
HK Political Reform Series - Deadlock Broken - What Next   27 Nov 2010
LLB Graduation Ceremony   20 Nov 2010
HKU Information Day 2010   30 Oct 2010
The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights: Mandate and Activities   28 Oct 2010

The Need of and Justification for a General Competition-oriented Compulsory Licensing

  28 Oct 2010
YOUR OPPORTUNITY to engage in International Law   27 Oct 2010
Law and Technology Centre - Round Table Meeting "The Greater China IP Conference"   27 Oct 2010
Lawyers as Public Enemy in China: How and Why   26 Oct 2010
Career Prospects in Hong Kong's Maritime Industry   25 Oct 2010
Gain and Loss of the new Chinese Tort Liability Law (CTL) - with Emphasis on the General Part   25 Oct 2010
Collective Bargaining and the Future of Labor Rights in China ?��?談判立�?對中?��??��?係�?影響   21 Oct 2010
Legal Issues Affecting the Future of Hong Kong, 1978-79   15 Oct 2010
Common Law Rules for Regulating Derivatives - Prof Lynn A. Stout   15 Oct 2010
Career Talk   14 Oct 2010
Review of Animal Welfare Laws in Hong Kong   11 Oct 2010
Seminar on the Rewrite of the Companies Ordinance   7 Oct 2010
Law, Politics and the Allocation of Scarce Health Care Resources   5 Oct 2010
Wrongful Convictions ??How Does It Happen That Innocent People Get Convicted?   5 Oct 2010
Law Lectures for Practitioers 2010   30 Sept
Law & Tech Centre - Public Lecture by Mr Ross LaJeunesse   29 Sept
Briefing Session for Law Mentorship Programme 2010-2011   27 Sept
Job Interview Workshop for Law Students   21 Sept
ALLFL - Lunch Seminar by Sarah Hinchliffe   21 Sept
RPG Welcoming Reception   20 Sept
LawTech Talk by Prof David Tan   20 Sept
Seminar on Studying in Cambridge - by Dr Jens M Scherpe   16 Sept
Cohabitation & Law - European Perspectives - Lunch Seminar by Dr Jens M Scherpe   15 Sept
LawTech Talk - Lunch Seminar by Ms Mireille M Caruana   14 Sept
LLM in HR 2010-2011   10 Sept
HKU-UBC Double Degree Programme - Information Session   10 Sept
HKU - Norton Rose Lecture Series - 2nd Annual Competition Law Lectures by Peter Freeman   9 Sept
EAIEL & AIIFL & Law Tech Centre - Lunch Seminar by David Collins   7 Sept
LLM Welcoming Reception   3 Sept
LLM - ADR Academic Induction Evening   1 Sept
PCLL Opening Ceremony   1 Sept
LLB Opening Ceremony 2010   31 Aug
Exchange Students - Orientation   30 Aug
MCL Orientation   30 Aug
JD - Opening Reception 2010-2011   26 Aug
LLB Orientation   26 Aug
Symposium on Comparative Trusts in Asia (Day1, Day2)   2-3 July, 2010
The 2010 Duke University - HKU Asia America Institute in
Transnational Law
  28 June
ShenZhen Visit and Reunion Dinner   18 June
MCL Graduation Reception and Scholarship Award Ceremony   9 June
Half a Century of Chinese Law: 1960-2010   31 May
High Level Dialogue - Punitive laws, human rights and HIV prevention among men who have sex with men in Asia Pacific   17 May
A Lack of Resolution by David Zaring   14 May
European Legal Cultures & Globalisation by Professor Mark Van Hoecke   13 May
Are Securities Class Actions in the U.S.?�Supplemental??to SEC Enforcement? An Empirical Analysis   07 May

International Taxation Prosecutions

Frank P. Cihlar , Kevin M. Downing

  30 April

The Duke of Westminster: How Graven an Idol?

Prof Andrew Halkyard

  28 April

Public Interest Litigation in China's Transitional Society

Professor Lin Lihong

  26 April


Clinical Legal Education with the Hong Kong
Refugee Advice Centre

Brian Barbour, Lindsay Ernst, Jolly Xu

  23 April

Institutional Reforms on Real Estate Regime:

A Study on Property Rights Protection through the lens of the New Regulations on Demolition

Professor Ji Weidong

  23 April

The Reality of International Arbitration


  22 April

The Report of the Working Group on Mediation: Recommendations on the Future of Mediation

Ms. Sou Chiam

  20 April



  19 April

Law and Practice of property rights dispute resolution in rural China

Dr. Yao Haifang

  16 April
Civil Justice Reform - What Has It Achieved?   15 and 16 April

International Financial Dispute Resolution

Professor Norbert Horn

  15 April

The Possibility and the Pitfall of Inferring Factual Causation

Professor Russ Brown

  14 April
The Fourth Inauguration of Endowed Professorships   13 April

A Greek Test for the European Monetary Union

Professor Norbert Horn

  13 April

Lex Hong Kong? Lex Britannica?

Mr. Iain Goldrein, QC

  12 April

Does the University Own You - Body and Soul?

Dr Louise Floyd

  8 April

Louis M Brown International Client Counselling Competition 2010

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  7-10 April
40th Anniversary Reunion Dinner in Beijing   2 Apr 2010
LLM HR 10th Anniversary Symposium and Dinner   13 March

Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal: The Andrew Li Court 1997-2010

(Day1) (Day2)

  5 and 6 March
Corporate Rescue in Hong Kong: The Government's 2009 Legislative Proposals   22 Jan 2010
CCPL The 2009 Consultation Document - Will It Break The Deadlock   9 Jan 2010
Corporate Rescue in Hong Kong: The Government's 2009 Legislative Proposals   22 Jan 2010

Forum for Young Chinese Constitutional Law Scholars 2010

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  22 Jan 2010

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