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Event (In Chronological Order)


The 4th Asian Constitutional Law Forum: Constitutional Law in the First Decade of the 21st Century   16,17 Dec 2011
AIIFL - Public Lecture by Prof Roberta S Karmel   Dec 15 2011
CCL - Lunch Seminar by Prof Zheng Yongliu   Dec 14 2011
AIIFL - Seminar on Recent Trend on Private Equity Fund Investments & Governance in China   Dec 14 2011
JD Programme - Information Session   Dec 12 2011
PekingU-HKU Joint Research Centre Conference   Dec 10 2011
CE Election 1   Dec 09 2011
CE Election 2   Dec 09 2011
CCPL - Conference   Dec 09 2011
Law Tech Centre - Lunch Seminar by Prof Alexander L Dias Pereira   Dec 07 2011
CCL - From Economic Development to Human Flourishing: The Case of China 2   Dec 07 2011
CCL - From Economic Development to Human Flourishing: The Case of China 1   Dec 06 2011
Rowdget Young Lecture by Prof Annelise Riles   Dec 05 2011
Law Tech Centre - Lunch Seminar by Prof Rongsheng Xu   Dec 05 2011
CCPL - Lunch Seminar by Ben Bridge   Dec 05 2011
Law Tech Centre - by Prof Alexandre Dias Pereira   Dec 01 2011
CCPL - The case for Animal Welfare Legislation - by Milk Radford OBE onn   Nov 29 2011
International Ligigation Update - Public Lecture by Mr David Browbill QC   Nov 28 2011
Workshop on Resolving Land disputes in East Asia   Nov 26 2011
EAIEL_AIIFL - Public Lecture by Stuart Harbinson, GBS   Nov 22 2011
3rd Annual Competition Law Lecture by William E Kovacic   Nov 21 2011
JD Graduation Ceremony   Nov 19 2011
CCPL - Lunch Seminar by Chen Jianlin   Nov 18 2011
The 10th AIIFL Distinguished Public Lecture - Prof John Farrar   Nov 17 2011
ADR - Public Lecture by Mrs Fiona O'Donnell   Nov 15 2011
Osgoode Hall Law School - Information Session by Marilyn Pilkington   Nov 14 2011
CCPL - Lunch Seminar by Marilyn Pilkington   Nov 14 2011
Beyond Asylum - Symposium   Nov 12 2011
UBC - Information Session   Nov 10 2011
The Peter Allan Memorial Lecture - by Prof Viktor Mayer-Schonberger   Nov 09 2011
AIIFL - Lunch Seminar by Michael Kobetsky   Nov 09 2011
Visitors from Mainland   Nov 07 2011
CCPL - Lunch Seminar by Bryane Michael   Nov 07 2011
LLB Graduation Ceremony   Nov 05 2011
AIIFL - Lunch Seminar by Valentine Sendanyoye Rugwabiza   Nov 04 2011
CCPL - Rights Talk by Joey Lee   Nov 01 2011
HKU Information Day   Oct 29-30
AIIFL Public Lecture by Ariel Ezrachi   Oct 25
ADR Public Lecture by Mr Simon Greenberg   Oct 24
CCPL Rights Talk by Carole Peterson   Oct 24
Power and Dynamics of Civil Resistance   Oct 10-13
Visitor from China   Oct 10
The Common Law Lecture - The Objectivity of Contractual Interpretation by The Honourable Murray Gleeson AC   Oct 10
CCPL - Lunch Seminar by Donald R Rothwell   Oct 7
CCL - Lunch Seminar by Prof Terence C Halliday   Oct 6
Law Lectures for Practitioners   30 Sept
GRF Seminar   23 Sept
Souvenir Presentation   22 Sept
Public Lecture by Justice Shi Jiuyong   22 Sept
Public Lecutre on China Diplomacy and International Law   21 Sept
CCL Seminar by Prof Wang Zhenmin   20 Sept
Law Tech Centre Lunch Seminar by Dr. David Tan   19 Sept
ONC Conference on Law Reform "Does Law Reform need Reforming in Hong Kong   17 Sept
Faculty Retreat   16 Sept
LawTech Centre - Lunch Seminar by Prof Marco De Castro Junior   12 Sept
Information Session - HKU-UBC Double Degree Programme   8 Sept
CCPL - Lunch Seminar by Dr Jonathan Burnside   6 Sept
From law degree to PCLL At HKU   2 Sept
Postgraduate Programmes Welcoming Reception   2 Sept
PCLL Induction Course by JJ   1 Sept
PCLL Opening Ceremony   1 Sept
AIIFL - Lunch Seminar by Prof Adrian Sawyer   1 Sept
Welcoming Reception for BA & LLB Students   31 Aug
MCL Orientation   31 Aug
Lunch Seminar by Finola O'Sullivan   31 Aug
LLM in ADR Academic Induction Evening   31 Aug
LLB Opening Ceremony   31 Aug
Dean's Lecture   31 Aug
First Year Law Students Orientation   31 Aug
JD Programme Welcoming Reception   30 Aug
Exchange Students Orientation   29 Aug
CCL-Conference   29 Aug
AIELN Conference day 2   16 July
AIELN Conference day 1   15 July
AIIFL - Lunch Seminar by Henry Gao   13 July
Symposium on Personal Data & Privacy Protection   12 July
2011 Annual Meeting of the Asian Law and Economics Association (AsLEA) day 2   9 July
2011 Annual Meeting of the Asian Law and Economics Association (AsLEA) day 1   8 July
China's Religion and Rule of Law Today
Professor Liu Peng
  21 June
HKILA Inaugural Conference: The Future of HK Insurance Law   16 June
Law via the Internet (Day1, Day2, Day3, Dinner)   8-10 June
China's Authoritarianism: Still Resilient?   4 June
MCL Graduation Reception and Scholarship Award Ceremony   31 May
Hong Kong Women's NGO Forum: Working with CEDAW   7 May
CCPL Conference "Recognition and the Politics of Identity and Inclusion in the 21st Century: Managing Diversity in Plural Societies" (Day1, Day2)   28-29 Apr
Grand Final Mooting   25 March
CCL - To Achieve Justice in the Mainland China - Trick or Treat - Public Lecture by Dr Liu Nanping   23 March
Competition Law and the State: Comparative and International Perspectives   18-19 March
AIIFL & CCPL - Lunch Seminar by Prof Sienho Yee   17 March
CCPL - Rights Talk by Jacqueline Bhabha   15 March
CCPL - Rights Talk by Brian Barbour   10 March
CCPL - Social Sciences and the Courtroom - Lunch Seminar by Justice Jim Williams   10 March
HKU Law Alumni Association - Public Lecture by Prof Andrew Halkyard   9 March
The ICAC's Collaborative Partnership to combat corruption - Lunch Seminar by Ms Doris Chun   9 March
CCPL - Rights Talk by Anton Camen   4 March
JESSUP   26 Feb 2011
AIIFL - Workshop on The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Agreement   25 Feb 2011
AIIFL - Public Lecture by Patrick Low   24 Feb 2011
Judging in Family Law - Am I More than (Just) a "Trial" Judge? by Justice Jim Williams   24 Feb 2011
EAS reception   23 Feb 2011
Speak Truth to Power by Kerry Kennedy   21 Feb 2011

New Voices on Hong Kong Political Reform
Hong Kong Political Reform Series

  22 Feb 2011
International Conference on Reform of Legal Education in Asia and UK   19 Feb 2011
Signing Ceremony for Mutual Co-operation Agreement between HKU and Kyunghee University; and HKU and University of Seoul   18 Feb 2011
Rebecca Lee - Outstanding Research   17 Feb 2011
Fiduciaries, Third Parties & Constructive Trusts   17 Feb 2011
Law Tech Talk by Dr. Yan Mei Ning   16 Feb 2011
Study Abroad Programme for Japanese and Korean Students 2011   16 Feb 2011
Principals' Tortious Liability for Agents' Negligent Statements - Is 'Authority' Necessary?   16 Feb 2011
Law Tech Talk by Prof. Jane Bailey   15 Feb 2011
CCPL Rights Talk "Nepal?s Journey to Address Past Human Rights Violations"   1 Feb 2011
Sovereign Immunity and the Basic Law: Implications of FG Hemisphere Associates (the Congo Case) for Hong Kong   28 Jan 2011
The Practice of International Arbitration in the Asia Pacific Region   27 Jan 2011
The Impact of Fundamental Rights on Taxation: the European Perspective   26 Jan 2011
CCL Seminar "Treachery and Ignorance: Understanding Article 1(1) of the Chinese Constitution ?????—解讀中???第?條第一?/a>   26 Jan 2011
Talk "New Zealand Constitutional Norms" by Professor Matthew Palmer   25 Jan 2011
Thomson Reuters - Talk by Neerav Srivastava   25 Jan 2011
Law Tech Talk by Prof. Rolf Weber   24 Jan 2011
Forum for Young Chinese Constitutional Law Scholars 2011 中????年學者??2011 ?政府?????權利:中??題??s?/a>   21-22 Jan 2011
Green Border Tax Adjustments and their Consequences for Chinese Tax Policy and Trade   20 Jan 2011
Peter Allan Memorial Lecture 'Reconciling Policing Mandates and Human Rights' by Prof. Simon Bronitt   10 Jan 2011

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