I will be unable to attend lectures / tutorials. What should I do?


Important: Attendance in lectures / tutorials / seminars is compulsory.  You may be deprived of the right to take the examination at the end of the year if you repeatedly fail to attend class without a satisfactory reason.

If you need to be absent from class (lectures, tutorials, or any other scheduled teaching) for a legitimate reason, you must seek the teachers’ permissions in advance or as soon as possible thereafter if advance notice cannot be given.  Please read “Student Pamphlet for First Year Undergraduate Student” >> “Disciplinary Matters” >> “Attendance at Tutorials / Seminars”, and submit your applications to teachers accordingly. 

If you need to apply for leave of absence for your exchange study, please refer to “Student Pamphlet for First Year Undergraduate Student” >> “Exchange Programmes” >> “Study Plan and Leave of Absence” for further instructions on application.

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