Sport Facilities


The Institute of Human Performance (IHP) offers a Sport and Recreation Programme called Uni-Sports to students during term time and summer months.  This programme aims to introduce students to the benefits of physical activity and to introduce, develop and provide opportunities for participation in leisure-time activities and skills for current and post-graduation physical activity.  Courses are offered in a wide range of activities for which qualified instruction and equipment are provided at a nominal fee to students.

IHP also provides competitive opportunities in sports through the inter-hall and inter-faculty competitions and through the activities of the 24 sports clubs and University teams that are organised by the Sports Association of the Student's Union and supported by the IHP through the provision of coaching, facilities and subsidies.  University teams compete in events organised by the University Sports Federation of Hong Kong, China and other inter-varsity competitions.

Apart from offering sports and fitness activities, IHP also manages the following sports facilities:

  • Flora Ho/Lindsay Ride Sports Centres (located at Pokfulam Road; for indoor and outdoor sports)
  • Stanley Smith Swimming Pool (located at Pokfulam Road)
  • Stanley Ho Sports Centre (located at Sandy Bay; for outdoor sports and athletics)
  • Henry Fok Swimming Pool (located at Sandy Bay)
  • Tennis Courts at Robert Black College, High West and Sandy Bay

Facilities are normally available for Individual Booking and Group Booking when they are not in use for teaching, training, competition or external bookings.

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