Where can I view my personal information record? What should I do if I want to make changes to my personal information?


Personal information provided upon your admission to HKU will be used as the basis for establishing your permanent record at the University.  You can view all your personal information at the HKU Portal >> SIS >> “Self Services” >> “Student Centre” >> “Personal Information”.

To ensure that you can continue to receive notices and information from the University without undue delay, you should keep your personal information in SIS up-to-date.  If you need to change your addresses and phone numbers, please go to the HKU Portal >> SIS >> “Self Service” >> “Change Contact Information”.  If you need to change your personal information other than addresses and phone numbers, you should complete the “Change of Personal Particulars” form and submit it with documentary evidence to the Academic Services Office (Room G-04, Run Run Shaw Building).

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