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Law and Technology Centre launches HKCLIC app for Android

The Law and Technology Centre has launched its mobile app for Community Legal Information Centre (CLIC), its free and popular bilingual legal information website specifically catered for people with no legal background,  making CLIC available on mobile devices running Android.

Features of the CLIC app include:

  • comprehensive browsing through various popular legal issues, including matrimonial matters, employment disputes, landlord and tenant, immigration issues, police and crime;
  • quick search in over 20 legal topics;
  • easy switch between languages (English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese);
  • contents automatically cached for offline reading.

For more information on the CLIC app, please visit:

法律及資訊科技研究中心推出HKCLIC Android應用程式


•           全面瀏覽多個熱門法律議題,包括婚姻、家庭及同居關係事宜、勞資糾紛、業主與租客、入境事宜、警察及罪案等;
•           快速搜尋逾二十個法律議題;
•           簡易語言轉換(英文、繁體中文及簡體中文);
•           緩存內容方便離線閱讀。