Academic Staff

Peter Chau

BSocSc (Government and Laws) (HKU), LLB (HKU), MPhil (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon)

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Peter Chau, Assistant Professor, joined the Faculty in August 2011. Having graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a double degree in government and laws, he went to Oxford for postgraduate studies where he obtained his MPhil (supervised by Daniel McDermott and John Tasioulas) and DPhil (supervised by John Gardner and Daniel McDermott).  

Peter’s research focuses on criminal law and sentencing, but he is interested in theoretical issues arising in many other branches of law as well. He teaches Criminal Law, Equity and Trusts, and Legal Theory.

Articles and book chapters

1. “Loss-Based Retributive Justifications of Punishment”
(Forthcoming) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies

2. “Bennett‘s Expressive Justification of Punishment”
(Forthcoming) Criminal Law and Philosophy

3. “Excluding Integrity? Revisiting Non-consequentialist Justifications for Exclusion of Improperly Obtained Evidence in Criminal Trials”
In Jill Hunter, Paul Roberts, and Simon Young (eds), The Integrity of Criminal Process (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2016) 267-279

4. “Duff on the Legitimacy of the Punishment of Socially Deprived Offenders”
(2012) 6(2) Criminal Law and Philosophy 247-254

5. “Poverty, Distributive Justice, and Punishment”
(2012) 25(1) Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 39-52

6. “Temptations, Social Deprivation, and Punishment”
(2010) 30(4) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 775-785

Comments, notes and reviews

1. “Criminal Law” (in Chinese)
In Albert Chen, Jonathan Cheung, Johannes Chan, and Alice Lee (eds), Introduction to Hong Kong Law, third edition(Joint Publishing, 2015) 213-242

2. Review of Grenville Cross and Patrick Cheung, Sentencing in Hong Kong, sixth edition
(2012) 42(1) Hong Kong Law Journal 277-278

3. “Abolishing By-elections to Fill Vacancies in the Legislative Council” (with Simon Young)
(2011) 41(3) Hong Kong Law Journal 601-609

4. “Raz on the Methodology of Jurisprudence” (review of Joseph Raz, Between Authority and Interpretation)
(2010) 29(2) Law and Philosophy 231-242

5. Review of David Estlund, Democratic Authority
(2008) 42(3) Journal of Value Inquiry 411-415