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Dr Anne Cheung S. Y. 張善喻

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Selected List of Publications

(i) Book

1.Self-Censorship and the Struggle for Press Freedom in Hong Kong
(Kluwer International, 2003), refereed. 278 pages.

(ii) Journal Articles

2. "A Study of Cyber-Violence and Internet Service Providers’ Liability: Lessons
from China," Pacific Rim & Policy Journal (University of Washington, 2009) 323-346.

3. "China Internet Going Wild: Cyber-hunting versus Privacy Protection,"
25 Computer Law and Security Review ( 2009), p. 275-279.

4. "Chinese Court Rules against ‘Human Flesh’ Search Engine,"
97 Privacy Laws & Business International Newsletter ( Feb. 2009), 18-19.

5. Anne S.Y. Cheung and Rolf H. Weber, "Internet Governance and the Responsibility
of  ISPs," 26 Wisconsin International Law Journal(2008); 403-477.

6. Anne S.Y. Cheung and Puja Kapai, "Settling the Liberalism's Holy War against
the Holy," 2 Shantou University Law Review (2008); 236-277 (in Chinese).

7. "Public Opinion Supervision-A Case Study of Media Freedom in China,"
20 Columbia Journal of Asian Law  (2007), 357-384.

8.  "The Regulation of Chinese Women's Sexuality on the Internet,"
12(1) Media and Arts Law Review (2007) 107-126 (University of Melbourne), refereed.

9. "The Business of Governance: China’s Legislation on Content Regulation in
Cybersapce," 38:2 New York University Journal of Law and International
(2006) 1-37.

10. "Turning Victims into Defendants: A Study of Sex Scandals" Singapore Journal
of Legal Studies
(Dec. 2004), 328-346, refereed.

11. "In Search of a Theory of Cult and Freedom of Religion in China," vol. 13,
no. 1(University of Washington) Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal (2004)1-30.