Academic Staff

Eric Cheung T. M. 張達明

Principal Lecturer and Director of Clinical Legal Education;
, CEDR Accredited Mediator

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Eric Tat Ming CHEUNG (張達明) was born and educated in Hong Kong. Upon his admission as a solicitor of the High Court of Hong Kong in October 1989, he worked as a litigation solicitor at Johnson Stokes & Master (now known as Mayor Brown JSM), the largest law firm in Hong Kong. He was admitted as a partner of the same firm in October 1994. He has been teaching law at the Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong since December 1996. He is also a part-time consultant of ONC Lawyers.

He is currently the Director of Clinical Legal Education in the Faculty and has been in charge of the Clinical Legal Education Course since its introduction in January 2010. Apart from his services through a great number of public and professional bodies, he has contributed significantly to the promotion of the Rule of Law and legal education to the public. He is frequently invited to speak on legal issues by television and radio programmes as well as in newspapers as a recognised legal scholar on the Basic Law and Rule of Law issues. He has acted on a pro bono basis for the defendants in a number of criminal cases.

Public Services
Chairman, Appeal Panel (Housing) (April 2013 to present)
Member, Independent Police Complaints Council (Jan 2009 to present)
Member, Election Committee for the Election of the Chief Executive (2006-2007; 2007-2012; and 2012-2017)
Member, Hong Kong Law Reform Commission's Sub-committee on Review of Sexual Offences (2006 to present)
Examiner, Bar Qualification Examination (Civil Procedure and Civil Evidence) (2004 to present)
Member, Law Society's Pro Bono Committee (2010 to present)
Honorary Secretary, Executive Committee of The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society (2012 to present)
Chairman, Buildings Appeal Tribunal (2000 to 2006)
Member, Judicial Studies Board (2003 to 2012)
Member, Hong Kong Law Reform Commission (1994 to 2000)
Member, Law Society's Constitutional Affairs Committee (1999 to 2012)
Member, Law Society's Bilingualism Committee (1997 to 2006)
Member, Law Society's Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination Panel (1998 to 2007)
Member, Law Society's Continuing Professional Development Committee (1999 to 2006)
Member, Law Society's Working Party on the Development of a Proposal for a Specialist Accreditation Scheme (1999 to 2001)                      

Specialized Areas: Civil and Criminal Litigation; Buildings and Town Planning; Constitutional Laws