Academic Staff

Dr Eric C Ip 葉子暘

Associate Professor of Law
Director of the BSocSc (Govt&Laws) & LLB Programme

BSocSc (Govt&Laws) (HKU), LLB (UNE), LLM (KCL), MSt (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon)

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Eric C. Ip (DPhil, University of Oxford) is an Associate Professor of Law at The University of Hong Kong.

His award-winning research on comparative public law has been published in peer-reviewed periodicals such as The American Journal of Comparative Law, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, International & Comparative Law Quarterly, and International Journal of Constitutional Law. He is the author of Law and Justice in Hong Kong (Sweet & Maxwell, 2nd edn, 2016), the leading textbook on the legal system of Hong Kong.

Prior to joining HKU, he taught at University College London (UCL) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he served as Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Law.

Research Interests

Administrative Law
Constitutional Law
Legal Theory


Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award, The University of Hong Kong (2018)
Faculty Research Output Prize, The University of Hong Kong (2017)
Research Excellence Award, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2015)
Young Researcher Award, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2014)


Founding Convenor and Co-convenor (Constitutional Law), Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination (2014-2015)
Member, Constitutional and Human Rights Committee, Law Society of Hong Kong (2012-2016)
Member and Panel Chairman, Selection Board, Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowships/Scholarships, Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund Council (2012-2014)

Journal Editorship

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Law and Social Inquiry (2016-2018)
Associate Editor, Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal (2010-2011)

Select Research Grants

Ip, Eric C. (Principal Investigator), RGC General Research Fund 2017, "The Constitutional Foundations of Free Markets: Economic Provisions of the Hong Kong Basic Law in Comparative Perspective," Amount: HKD 892,484.

Ip, Eric C. (Principal Investigator), RGC Early Career Scheme 2013, "Mitigating Cross-Border Constitutional Tensions: An Economic Analysis of the Design and Performance of the Committee for the Basic Law of Hong Kong," Amount: HKD 233,000.



Ip, Eric C. Hybrid Constitutionalism: The Politics of Constitutional Review in the Chinese Special Administrative Regions (Cambridge University Press, 2019).

Cane, Peter, Peter L. Lindseth, Herwig Hofmann & Eric C. Ip. (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Administrative Law (under contract with Oxford University Press).

Ip, Eric C. Judging Regulators: The Political Economy of Anglo-American Administrative Law (under contract with Edward Elgar).

Ip, Eric C. Behavioral Public Choice Economics and the Law (under contract with Springer).

Ip, Eric C. Law and Justice in Hong Kong (Sweet & Maxwell, 2nd edn, 2016) (with a Foreword by The Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers) (3rd edn, forthcoming 2019).

Select Articles and Book Chapters

Ip, Eric C. “The Virtuous Epidemiologist,” Journal of Public Health (forthcoming, 2019).

Ip, Eric C. “Anorexia Nervosa, Advance Directives, and the Law: A British Perspective,” Bioethics (forthcoming, 2019).

Ip, Eric C. & Po Jen Yap. “Substantive Review of Administrative Discretion in Hong Kong: Divergence between Judicial Rhetoric and Practice,” The Chinese Journal of Comparative Law (forthcoming, 2019).

Ip, Eric C. “Constitutional Finance: The Role of the Hong Kong Basic Law During the Global Financial Crisis,” Hong Kong Law Journal (forthcoming, 2019).

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