Academic Staff

Kelvin HF Kwok 郭曉暉

Assistant Professor of Law
Deputy Director, Asian Institute of International Financial Law (convenor of the Consumer Law and Policy Seminars)
Director, International Mooting Programme
BBA(Law), LLB (HKU); LLM (Chicago); Barrister (Hong Kong)

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Subjects Taught/Supervised

International trade
Technology/intellectual property

Select Publications

‘Optimal Deterrence, the Illegality Defence, and Corporate Attribution’ (2019) 20 European Business Organization Law Review (forthcoming) (with Ernest Lim)

‘Abuse of Dominance in the Hong Kong Television Sector’ in Sandra Marco Colino (ed), Competition in Telecommunications Markets: Key Regulatory Challenges (Wolters Kluwer 2019) (forthcoming)

‘The Concept of “Agreement” under Article 101 TFEU: A Question of EU Treaty Interpretation’ (2019) 44 European Law Review 196-221

‘Procedural Fairness in Hong Kong Competition Law’ in Daniel Sokol and Andrew Guzman (eds), Antitrust Procedural Fairness (OUP 2019) 112-30 (with Thomas Cheng)

‘Re-conceptualizing “Object” Analysis under Article 101 TFEU: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives’ (2018) 14 Journal of Competition Law & Economics (OUP) 467-92

‘The Belt and Road Initiative: Co-operation in Trade Liberalisation and Antitrust Enforcement’ in Yun Zhao (ed), International Governance and the Rule of Law in China under the Belt and Road Initiative (CUP 2018) 104-31

‘Judicial Control of Local Protectionism in China: Antitrust Enforcement against Administrative Monopoly on the Supreme People’s Court’ (2017) 13 Journal of Competition Law & Economics (OUP) 549-75 (with Eric Ip)

‘Antitrust Enforcement and State Restraints at the Mainland China-Hong Kong Interface: The Importance of Bilateral Antitrust Co-operation’ (2017) 12 Asian Journal of Comparative Law (CUP) 335-69

‘A Neglected Theory of Harm: Joint Ventures as Facilitators of Collusion Across Markets’ (2017) 5 Journal of Antitrust Enforcement (OUP) 434-57 (with Thomas Cheng)

‘The Standard of Proof in Civil Competition Law Proceedings’ (2016) 132 Law Quarterly Review 541-47

‘Protection of a Reputable Foreign Trader’s Legitimate Interests under the Law of Passing-Off’ (2016) 132 Law Quarterly Review 186-92

‘Google Book Search, Transformative Use, and Commercial Intermediation: An Economic Perspective’ (2015) 17 Yale Journal of Law & Technology 283-318

‘The Rule in Seldon v Davidson and the “Absence of Basis” Approach Revisited in Hong Kong’ (2015) 23 Restitution Law Review 128-33 (with Martin Kok)

‘The New Hong Kong Competition Law: Anomalies and Challenges’ (2014) 37 World Competition 541-68

‘Liability of Online Service Providers for Defamatory Content: The Case of Discussion Forums’ (2014) 130 Law Quarterly Review 206-11

‘A New Approach to Resolving Refusal to License Intellectual Property Rights Disputes’ (2011) 34 World Competition 261-86

‘A Rule of Reason Approach to the Antitrust Issues of the Google Book Search Settlement’ (2011) 10 DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal 1-53

‘Unlocking the Potential of Creative Commons for Hong Kong’s Education and Creative Sectors’ (2010) 40 Hong Kong Law Journal 381-415