Academic Staff

Alice Lee 李雪菁

Associate Dean (Academic Affairs)
Associate Professor
LLB, University of Hong Kong
BCL, University of Oxford
PCLL, University of Hong Kong

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Alice Lee specializes in property law, both real property/land and intellectual property. Her academic interests also extend to legal bilingualism and legal education. She has taught undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Hong Kong, students from Tsinghua University and Santa Clara University, as well as Hong Kong civil servants. She is also giving lectures to visiting students from Japanese and Korean universities every year. She has received two University-level teaching awards from the University of Hong Kong as well as a student-led Teaching Feedback Award, and has been practising and promoting the core values of the UK Higher Education Academy (“HEA”) since she received the honour HEA Senior Fellow in 2017.
As Associate Dean (Academic Affairs), she launched the Faculty Teaching Award Scheme and chairs the Faculty Teaching and Learning Quality Committee. She is also chairman of the University Teaching Exchange Fellowship Sub-group (from 2017) and a member of various University Committees including the HKU Horizons Committee and the University Admissions Committee.

She has been co-Legal Lead of Creative Commons HK ( since its launch in 2008, and has served on consultative committees and statutory bodies including the Advisory Committee on the Review of the Patent System, the Management Committee of the Consumer Legal Action Fund, the Town Planning Appeal Board, the Telecommunications (Competition Provisions) Appeal Board, the Municipal Services Appeal Board, and the HKSAR Passports Appeal Board.  

She has published books and book chapters on land law and intellectual property law for students, teachers and practitioners. She is a contributing author of the LexisNexis looseleaf publication Intellectual Property Rights: Hong Kong SAR and PRC (with Michael Pendleton and Jared Margolis). Her other publications include:

"Well-Known Trade Marks and Dissimilar Goods: HK, UK and EU Law" (2017) 47 HKLJ 89-113
"Land Registration: Validity, Priority and Statutory Interpretation" (2016) 46 HKLJ 415-443
Intellectual Property Law and Practice in Hong Kong (with Kenny Wong), Sweet & Maxwell, 2nd ed, 2017 (first published in 2002)
Land Law in Hong Kong (with SH Goo), LexisNexis Butterworths, 4th ed, 2015
"Property Law" (Chapter 8) and "Intellectual Property Law" (Chapter 12) in General Principles of Hong Kong Law (in Chinese) (edited by Albert Chen, Johannes Chan, Alice Lee et al), Joint Publishing Ltd, 3rd ed, 2015 (first published in 1999)
"Flexibly Applying the Law to Regulate Illegal Buildings in Hong Kong" in Resolving Land Disputes in East Asia (edited by Hualing Fu and John Gillespie), Cambridge University Press, 2014, 392-410  
Hong Kong Chapter in The Enforcement of Patents – Max Planck series (edited by Kung-chung Liu and Reto M Hilty), Kluwer Law International, 2012
Tort Law and Practice in Hong Kong, Chapters 17 to 19 (with Kenny Wong), Sweet & Maxwell,  3rd ed, 2014 (first published in 2005) 
Intellectual Property in Hong Kong (with Michael Pendleton), LexisNexis, 2008 (first published in 2001)
Butterworths Hong Kong Copyright Handbook, 3rd ed, 2011
Butterworths Hong Kong Trade Marks Handbook, 2nd ed, 2011
Halsbury’s Laws of Hong Kong, Intellectual Property: Trademarks, Vol 15(3), LexisNexis Butterworths, 2010 Reissue
"Rule Against Perpetuities" (Chapter 12) in SH Goo, Land Law in Hong Kong, Butterworths, 1997
"Adverse Possession and Proprietary Estoppel as Defences to Actions for Possession" (1999) 29 HKLJ 31-44
"Leases Beyond 2047?" in Law Lectures for Practitioners 1998 (edited by Alice Lee), Hong Kong Law Journal Ltd, 1998, 177-186
"Language and the Law in Hong Kong: From English to Chinese" in One Country, Two Systems, Three Languages: A Survey of Changing Language Use in Hong Kong (edited by Wright and Kelly-Holmes), Multilingual Matters, 1997, 50-56
"An Unsolved Problem For Adverse Possessors of New Territories Land", (1996) 26 HKLJ 7-20
"Protecting Trade Marks in Hong Kong: Re Omega", (1996) 26 HKLJ 180-193


Specialized Areas: Property Law, Intellectual Property Law