Academic Staff

Kelley Loper

Associate Professor
Director of Centre for Comparative and Public Law
BA (Yale)


Newspaper Op-eds

"Hong Kong's Race Discrimination Bill: Serious Omissions in any Language", South China Morning Post, 20 December 2006.

"Hong Kong's Obligations toward Refugees and Asylum Seekers", Amnesty International HK Newsletter, April 2006.

"Refugees are Our Responsibility Too", South China Morning Post, 31 March 2006.

"Why Does Hong Kong Keep Stalling on Anti-racism Legislation?", South China Morning Post, 14 November 2002.

"Self-Determination: A Key to the Solution of the Tibet Problem", China Rights Forum, November 2002.

"Make Leaders Put Fairness First in Trade", South China Morning Post, 3 July 2002.