Academic Staff

Dr. Shitong Qiao 喬仕彤

Assistant Professor & Co-Director, LL.M. (Chinese Law)
LL.B. (Wuhan University), MPhil in Law (Peking University), 
LL.M., J.S.D. (Yale University)
New York State Bar, PRC National Judicial Exam

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Dr. Shitong Qiao is assistant professor of law at the University of Hong Kong, where he teaches comparative property law, law of cities, law and development and Chinese law, and won the Faculty Research Award. He is also Global Associate Professor of Law at NYU School of Law (Fall 2017). Dr. Qiao graduated from Wuhan University (LL.B.), Peking University (MPhil in Law), and Yale University (LL.M., J.S.D.) with numerous prizes, including the Top Academic Prize from Peking University. His doctoral dissertation, “Chinese Small Property: The Co-Evolution of Law and Social Norms,” won the Judge Ralph K. Winter Prize (awarded annually to the best student paper written in law and economics at Yale Law School), and will be published by Cambridge University Press. Dr. Qiao’s current research focuses on property, social norms, and local government law, and is supported by Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and Hong Kong Research Grant Council. His publications appear or will appear in Minnesota Law Review, Southern California Law ReviewIowa Law Review, American Journal of Comparative Law, Canadian Journal of Law and Society, Columbia Human Rights Law Review, Cityscape, among others. Dr. Qiao passed the National Judicial Examination of China and the New York State Bar. He has provided expert opinions on the Chinese land regime to government agencies both inside and outside of China, including the Shenzhen city government and the Ontario Securities Commission.

Selected Publications

Chinese Small Property: The Co-Evolution Of Law And Social Norms (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming Fall 2017). [Link]


Rights-Weakening Federalism, Minnesota Law Review, Vol. 102, No. 4, forthcoming 2018.

Binding Leviathan: Credible Commitment in an Authoritarian Regime, Minnesota Law Review, Vol. 102, No. 4, forthcoming 2018. (with Roderick Hills) [Download] 

Exclusionary Megacities, Southern California Law Review, Vol. 91, No. 3, forthcoming spring 2018. (with Wendell Pritchett) [Download] 

Dealing with Illegal Housing: What New York City Can Learn from Shenzhen, China? Fordham Urban Law Journal, Vol. 43.3, 743-769 (2017). [Download] (to be reprinted in Cityscape; Chinese translation: Huina Xiao trans. Weifa fangwu yu fanxiang quhua: jiyu niuyue he Shenzhen de bijiao yanjiu, Chengshi Zhili Yanjiu [Urban Governance Studies], Vol. 1, 15-39, 2017.)

Voice and Exit as Accountability Mechanisms: Can Foot-Voting Be Made Safe for the Chinese Communist Party?, Columbia Human Rights Law Review, Vol. 48, No. 3, 158-210 (2017). (with Roderick Hills) [Download]

The Politics of Chinese Land: Partial Reform, Vested Interests, and Small Property, Columbia Journal of Asian Law, Vol. 29, No. 1, 70-113 (2015). [Download]

The Evolution of Relational Property Rights: A Case of Chinese Rural Land Reform, Iowa Law ReviewVol. 100, No. 6, 2480-2506 (2015). (with Frank Upham). [Download

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Planting Houses in Shenzhen: A Real Estate Market without Legal Titles, Canadian Journal of Law and Society, Vol. 29, 253-272 (2014). [Download

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The Evolution of Property Law in China: Stick by Stick?, in Private Law in China and Taiwan: Economic and Legal Analysis (Chang et al ed., Cambridge University Press 2017), 182-211. (reviewed in Gregory M. Stein, The Sticks in the Chinese Property Rights Bundle, JOTWELL (June 15, 2017)) [Download]

China’s Changing Property Law Landscape, in Research Handbook of Comparative Property Law (Michele Graziadei and Lionel Smith eds., Edward Elgar 2017), 311-332. (with Frank Upham). [Download] (reviewed in Oxford Business Law Blog)

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