Academic Staff

Haochen Sun 孫皓琛

Associate Professor of Law
Director, Law and Technology Center
LL.B. (Hons)., Zhejiang University College of Law
LL.M., National University of Singapore Faculty of Law
LL.M., Harvard Law School
S.J.D., Duke University School of Law

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Haochen Sun is Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Law and Technology Center at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law. He specializes in intellectual property and technology law. His recent scholarship has focused on the theoretical and policy foundations of intellectual property, Chinese intellectual property law, and international and comparative intellectual property law. He has won research grants for projects dealing with copyright law and the public interest, intellectual property protection for luxury goods, and intellectual property and social justice.

Haochen has twice won the HKU Faculty of Law Research Output Prize. He is currently completing a book that puts forth a new ethical theory of copyright and the public interest. The book will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2019. He co-edited The Luxury Economy and Intellectual Property (Oxford University Press, 2015) with Professors Barton Beebe and Madhavi Sunder, and is co-editing The Cambridge Handbook of Copyright Limitations and Exceptions in Comparative Perspective (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2019) with Professors Shyamkrishna Balganesh and Wee Loon Ng-Loy. 

Haochen has taught intellectual property courses at the University of California Davis School of Law and the University of North Carolina School of Law as a Visiting Professor. He has also delivered public lectures at many leading law schools in North America, Europe, and Asia. Moreover, he has organized many international conferences on intellectual property.

In addition, Haochen has advised leading law firms and companies in the entertainment, information technology, and luxury and fashion sectors on matters relating to intellectual property protection. His opinions about intellectual property have appeared in BBC, ForbesThe Los Angeles TimesThe New York Times, the South China Morning Post, and Ming Pao and on Shenzhen Satellite TV and Radio Television Hong Kong..

Selected Publications

Ethical Copyright: New Directions in Protecting the Public Interest (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2019)

The Cambridge Handbook of Copyright Limitations and Exceptions in Comparative Perspective (Shyamkrishna Balganesh, Wee Loon Ng-Loy and Haochen Sun eds., Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2019)

The Luxury Economy and Intellectual Property: Critical Reflections (Haochen Sun, Barton Beebe and Madhavi Sunder eds., Oxford University Press, 2015)

Articles and Essays: 
“Copyright Law as an Engine of Public Interest Protection,” 16 Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property (forthcoming March 2019)

“Statement of Public Interest Principles for Copyright Protection under the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP),” 48 International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law 334–337 (2017) [Download]

"Hermès in the Lost (Luxury) Paradise: How to Secure Enhanced Well-Known Trade Mark Protection in China,” 38 European Intellectual Property Review 101-108 (2016)

“Reforming Anti-Dilution Protection in the Globalization of Luxury Brands,” 45 Georgetown Journal of International Law 783-823 (2014) [Download]

“The Distinctiveness of a Fashion Monopoly,” 3 New York University Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law 142-196 (2013)  [Download]

“Living Together in One Civilized World: How Luxury Companies and Consumers Can Fulfill Their Ethical Responsibilities to the Poor,” 46 UC Davis Law Review 547-579 (2013)  [Download]

“Copyright and Responsibility,” 4 Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law 263-317 (2013) [Download]

“Can Louis Vuitton Dance with HiPhone? Rethinking the Idea of Social Justice in Intellectual Property Law,” 15 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law & Social Change 387 (2012) [Download]

“Fair Use as a Collective User Right,” 90 North Carolina Law Review 125-202 (2011) [Download]

“Toward a New Social-Political Theory of the Public Trust Doctrine,” 35 Vermont Law
Review 563-622 (2011) [Download]

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 “Reconstructing Reproduction Right Protection in China,” 53 Journal of the Copyright Society of the USA 223 (2006)

“The Road to Doha and Beyond: Some Reflections on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health,” 15 European Journal of International Law 123 (2004)

Book Chapters: 
“Protecting Non-Traditional Trademarks in China: New Opportunities and Challenges,” in The Protection of Non-Traditional Marks: Critical Perspectives (Irene Calboli and Martin Senftleben eds., Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2019)

“Liberalizing Use of the Three-Step Test and Copyright Limitations in the Public Interest,” in The Future of Asian Trade Deals and Intellectual Property (Kung-Chung Liu and Julien Chaisse eds., Hart Publishing, forthcoming 2019)

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