Academic Staff

Ji Lian Yap

Associate Professor
LLB (NUS), LLM (Cambridge

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Ji Lian’s research interests lie in Commercial Law. She holds an LLB from NUS and an LLM from the University of Cambridge (with a specialism in Commercial Law). She is qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales.

Ji Lian has published articles in various refereed journals, including the Journal of Corporate Law Studies, the Journal of Business Law, the Common Law World Review, the Company Lawyer, the Computer Law & Security Report, the Journal of International Commercial Law & Technology and the International Journal of Private Law. She has also published case notes in the Law Quarterly Review and the International Company and Commercial Law Review. Ji Lian teaches Commercial Law on the LLB and JD programmes.

Selected Recent Publications

“Predictability, Certainty, and Party Autonomy in the Sale and Supply of Goods” (2017) 46 (4) Common Law World Review 269-286.

“Apparent Authority: Doctrinal Underpinnings and Competing Policy Goals” (2014) Journal of Business Law

“Amending the Statutory Framework for the Registration of Company Charges” (2014) Statute Law Review (Oxford University Press)

“De Facto Directors and Corporate Directorships” (2012) Journal of Business Law

“Reforming Ratification” (2011) Common Law World Review

“Knowing Receipt and Apparent Authority” (2011) Law Quarterly Review (case note)

“Constructive Notice and Company Charges” (2010) Journal of Corporate Law Studies (Hart Publishing)

“The Regulation of Data Privacy in Hong Kong” (2008) Computer Law & Security Report