Giving to the HKU Faculty of Law

The University of Hong Kong is a self-governing corporation, which draws its income from endowments, grants from the University Grants Committee and tuition fees. To sustain the development of and promote legal education in Hong Kong, donations and sponsorships from our law alumni, private donors, institutes and the community are necessary.

Gift Opportunities

Donors can select a specific purpose that matches their personal interests with the needs and priorities of the HKU Faculty of Law. In general, donations to our Faculty will benefit or be directed towards the following areas:


Endowed professorships recognize and reward distinguished academics who exemplify our Faculty's standards for outstanding teaching and research.

HKU Law Endowment

Endowment can help the Faculty in pursing our vision and sustaining long-term planning with regard to develop and support future leaders in the legal field; foster innovation and achieve excellence in teaching and research; and endeavour to uphold the Rule of Law and to maintain the integrity of an independent legal system in the HKSAR. This Endowment is managed by The University of Hong Kong Foundation for Educational Development and Research (HKU Foundation). Donors to the HKU Law Endowment will also be members of the Foundation.

Friends of the Faculty Donation Scheme

This is a donation scheme by which our alumni and/or supporters make annual donations to the Faculty to help support students' activities and studies.

International Mooting Competitions

Each year, our Faculty sends teams to participate in international mooting competitions, notably the Jessup International Law Moot held in Washington, D.C., and the International Commercial Arbitration Moot held in Brisbane. Donations are required to provide funding of traveling expense for student mooters from Hong Kong to countries overseas to participate in the international mooting competitions.


Donations can be used for particular public lectures, seminars and conferences; for particular research or projects; or supporting the Faculty's research centres, namely the Centre for Comparative and Public Law (CCPL), Asian Institute of International Financial Law (AIIFL), Law and Technology Centre, or any other new Centre worthy of establishment in meeting emerging needs of legal education and development.

Scholarships / Bursaries to Students

Financial aid affects the lives of many students and enhance the ability of the HKU Faculty of Law to attract and enroll the best students. Scholarships donated over the years have made dreams of students from Mainland China and Asia studying in Hong Kong become a true reality, notably forstudents to study the Master of Common Law and Asian students to study the Master of Laws in Human Rights.

Academic Prizes / Scholarships

To encourage outstanding performance of students, academic prizes and scholarships can be donated for those who have achieved excellence in particular subjects or areas of studies.


We can assist donors to identify gift opportunities that most closely match their own interest. You may find many other ways that merit your support, including facilities, student activities and additional academic programmes. You are welcome to contact us in making your choice.

Recognition Opportunities

The HKU Faculty of Law provides opportunities for named donations, such as professorships, naming of research centres, and academic prizes and scholarships, that may be used to recognize the donor, memorialize a loved one, or honour a friend, while supporting a worthy purpose of your choice. You are welcome to contact us for more information.