Hong Kong Law Journal 1971 - 2019

Vol. 49, Part 1 of 2019


Regulating Working Hours in Hong Kong: Towards Temporal Autonomy Mimi Zou and Kelly Leung 1
Going Global: An International Profile of Legal Research in Hong Kong’s Law Schools Stephen Thomson 29
China Law
Article V(1)(b) of the New York Convention in China: Applying the Due Process Defense without the Doctrine of Due Process Lei Zhu and Yongping Xiao 57
Impact of Certain Merger Control Provisions on Hostile Takeover Activities in China Ewa Kruszewska 91
“The Belt and Road” and Cross-Border Judicial Cooperation Zheng Sophia Tang 121
Qing Judicial Interpretation of “Coercion” and “Deceit” in the Context of Suicide Geoffrey MacCormack 153
Symposium: 20 Years of the Basic Law
Introduction  Po Jen Yap183
Separation of Powers in Hong Kong: Inching Towards a More Flexible Judicial Interpretation  Danny Gittings 187
Twenty Years of the Basic Law: Continuity and Changes in the Geoffrey Ma Court   Po Jen Yap 209
Dualism in the Basic Law: The First 20 Years  Michael Ramsden 239
Proportionality after Hysan: Fair Balance, Manifestly without Reasonable Foundation and Wednesbury Unreasonableness  Johannes Chan 265
Constitutional Finance: The Role of the Hong Kong Basic Law during the Global Financial Crisis  Eric C Ip 295
Subsidiarity, Authority and Constitutional Experimentalism in Hong Kong Yu Xingzhong 315
Round Three of Hong Kong’s Constitutional Game: From Semi-Democracy to Semi-Authoritarianism Benny YT Tai 335
Revisiting Legislative Interpretations in China and the Implications for Hong Kong Yang Xiaonan and Fu Hualing 357
The Oath-taking Cases and the NPCSC Interpretation of 2016: Interface of Common Law and Chinese Law Han Zhu and Albert HY Chen 381

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