Hong Kong Law Journal 1971 - 2020

Vol. 50, Part 1 of 2020


HKLJ Turns 50 Rick Glofcheski1
Birth of the Hong Kong Law Journal Henry Litton CBE, GBM5
A Strained Interpretation of Art 22 of the Basic LawJohannes Chan 7
The Logical Foundations of Judicial Review of Legislation in the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionEric C Ip 19
A Response to Infinger v Hong Kong Housing Authority — Same-sex Couples' Unequal Access to Public Housing in Hong Kong Elizabeth Lui 35
Passenger Injuries in International Air Law: Case Law Development and Upcoming Questions for Hong Kong Courts Jae Woon Lee 49
Judicial Striking-Down of Unconstitutional Legislation Hon Mr Justice Kemal Bokhary GBM, NPJ 77
The Two Giants of the Post-war High Court of Australia Andrew D Clarke 85
Proprietary Estoppel Remedies in Hong Kong: Lessons from Singapore, England and Australia Ying Khai Liew 109
The "Social Contract", Care and Inheritance in England and Hong Kong Brian Sloan 139
Just a Slap on the Wrist? Parental Corporal Punishment of Children and the Defence of Reasonable Chastisement in Hong Kong David Birchall and Jack Burke 167
The Application of Existing Intellectual Property Legal Regime to Space Activities: An Examination of the Self-Contained Mechanism in the Outer Space Treaty Zhijie Chen 195
Human Arbitrators (the Undisputed Champion) v Robots (the Challenger) Dan Wei and Gustavo Moser 215
50th Anniversary Feature Articles
Chinese Law and Legal Reform: Where to from Here? Jianfu Chen 243
China Law
Third Party Rights and Insurer's Defences in Liability Insurance in Chinese Law and Judicial Practice Zhen Jing and Liang Zhao 275
The Qing Dynasty's Obligatory Case Review System and its Purposes: Supporting Shapiro's Model of Courts Kevin M Hubacher 303
Relationship between Law and Morality in Qing Law as Evidenced in the Legal Treatise (Xingfa) of the Draft Qing History (Qingshi Gao) Geoffrey MacCormack 321
Book Review
Transparency Challenges Facing China Michael Dowdle 343

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