HKU Legal Scholarship Blog has hit more than 1 million views!

Congratulations! The page-reviews of our HKU Legal Scholarship Blog now exceed 1 million! This is a remarkable achievement. Since its creation in 2014, the HKU Legal Scholarship Blog has attracted conspicuous international attention. It is highly regarded by law schools around the world.  In September 2014, Associate Dean (Research) Professor Simon Young single-handedly created the HKU Legal Scholarship Blog and has been overseeing its operation ever since. It is the HKU Legal Scholarship Blog that  has made the efficient and effective dissemination of the research output of the HKU Faculty of Law around the globe possible! Congratulations to Professor Simon Young and the KE team for their leadership and commitment and to HKU Faculty of Law academic staff for contributing a wide range of excellent research work to the HKU Legal Scholarship Blog. This all has helped to establish our THE #1 ranking for research!

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