Congratulations to Albert Chen on Book Award



Professor Albert Chen’s (陳弘毅)new Chinese book, The World of Constitutional Law Scholarship 《憲法學的世界》, published in Beijing in 2014 by the Chinese University of Political Science and Law Press, was selected as one of the “Ten Best Books on Rule of Law in 2014” (2014年度十大法治圖書)by the Legal Daily 《法制日報》, the leading legal newspaper in China.

The book is a collection of essays written by Professor Chen in the last ten years on constitutional law and jurisprudence. It argues that the quests for both the Rule of Law and constitutionalism have existed in modern Chinese history. It explores the distinction and relationship between the Rule of Law and constitutionalism, and examines the relationship between constitutionalism and Western culture, particularly Christianity, and the relationship between constitutionalism and Confucian culture. It also reviews legal developments in China since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, and engages in comparative studies of constitutional developments in Hong Kong, Taiwan and major Asian states. 

The Selection Committee for the Award commented that this book is not only about “ordinary legal events”, but also about the “re-structuring of the political order”. On the one hand, it examines “constitutional moments” and countries at “historical crossroads” of their constitutional development. One the other hand, it also points to the differences in the social and cultural contexts of the growth of constitutionalism in the West and the East, and explores possible indigenous resources for constitutionalism in China.    

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