HKU Law at 50: Walk Through 50 Years (Walking Tour)

The rule of law has been considered as a cornerstone of Hong Kong, which was first brought by the British in 1841. So over this one-and-a-half centuries, how has our legal system changed and who took part in these changes? Established in 1969, The Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong is the first law school in Hong Kong. As one of the initiatives celebrating its Golden Jubilee, the Faculty is working with Walk in Hong Kong to design a walking tour in Central and Western District to trace the path of the Faculty development in parallel with the evolution of the legal systems in Hong Kong.

This walking tour, with law students as docent, is free of charge with limited quotas. Please register from noon, 20 March and a confirmation email will be sent 2 days before the event date.

Route: 154-158, Caine Road > Man Mo Temple > Tai Kwun > Justice Place > Former French Mission Building > Court of Final Appeal
Gathering Point: Caine Road Garden (
(ALL FULL) English Tour: 10:00 – 12:30 on 6 (Sat), 13 (Sat ) April (20 participants in each tour)
(ALL FULL) Cantonese Tour: 14:00 – 16:30 on 6 (Sat), 20 (Sat), 21 (Sun) & 27 (Sat) April (20 participants in each tour)
Due to the overwhelming responses, all English and Cantonese tours are filled up. Please stay tuned to our website for further updates!

1. Enrolled participants must arrive on time at the gathering point
2. The route involving slopes and steps will last 2-3 hours. Please put on suitable outfit and footwear.

香港大學法律學院五十周年 : 漫步法學路 – 導賞團

法治是香港重要的基石之一,而這塊石頭可說是由英國人於1841年佔領香港島時開始放置的,百多年過去了,我們的司法制度經歷了什麼變化?當中又有誰參與呢?香港大學法律學院於1969年成立,是本地首間法律學院,為慶祝金禧院慶,學院與「活現香港 Walk in Hong Kong」合作,設計關於法律教育與司法制度演變的導賞團,讓大家一邊漫步中西區,一邊認識學院發展和香港法律制度的變遷。


路線:堅道154-158號 > 文武廟 > 大館 > 律政中心 > 前法國外方傳道會大樓 > 終審法院大樓
集合地點:堅道花園 (
(已滿) 粵語團:4月6日(六)、20日(六) 、21日(日)、27日(六) 下午2:00 – 4:30 (每團限20人)
(已滿) 英語團:4月6日(六)及13日(六) 上午10:30 – 下午12:30 (每團限20人)
由於反應熱烈,4月份粵語及英語團均告額滿,現暫停接受報名。如有加團,將通過網頁 公佈,敬請留意。

1. 已報名之參加者必須準時到起點,逾時不候。不便之處,敬請原諒。
2. 全程約2-3 小時,途上會有斜路及樓梯,參加者宜穿著適合郊遊用的衣服和鞋襪。

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