Research Prizes

Congratulations to the following colleagues for receiving University and Faculty prizes for their research excellence in the past academic year.

Professor Shahla Ali was awarded the University’s Research Output Prize 2018-19 for her book Court Mediation Reform: Efficiency, Confidence and Perception of Justice (Edward Elgar, 2018)

The Faculty’s Research Output Prize goes to Johannes Chan, Kelvin Kwok and Angela Zhang for their outputs shown below:

  1. Johannes Chan, “Vindicatory Damages for Violation of Constitutional Rights: A Comparative Approach,” in Mark Elliott, Jason NE Varuhas, Shona Wilson Stark (eds), The Unity in Public Law (Hart Publishing, 2018), 327-350, 2018);
  2. Kelvin Kwok, “Re-Conceptualising ‘Object’ Analysis under Article 101 TFEU: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives,” (2018) 14(3) Journal of Competition Law & Economics, 467-492;
  3. Angela Zhang, “The Role of Media in Antirust: Evidence from China,” (2018) 41 Fordham International Law Journal 473-530.
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