Incoming Exchange & Visiting Programme

Course Selection, Credit Transfer & Examination

Course Selection

Exchange students should select courses according to the Faculty’s regulations, procedures and rules. The normal course load for HKU LLB students is 30 credits (5 LLB courses) each semester or 60 credits (10 LLB courses) for one academic year. Students cannot take more than 36 credits of courses for each semester. Acceptance into selected courses will be determined by the Director of Student Exchange for Incoming Students, in consultation with the teacher-in-charge, if necessary. Students are advised to indicate their choices on the application form for preliminary consideration by the Faculty. For students who are interested to enroll in courses offered outside the Faculty, approval must be sought from the respective departments and final approval rests with the offering department. However, students are not permitted to choose more than 6 credits worth of non-law courses in each semester.

You are strongly advised to consult the Director of Student for incoming students and your home institution should you wish to change your intended courses of study on arrival.

Students are invited to visit the Faculty of Law homepage for details of the courses on offer in 2018-19 for reference at this stage, The draft course list for 2019-20 will be only available on the Faculty’s website in August 2019.

Course availability does change from year to year, subject to the availability of teaching resources and student enrolment. However, the majority of LLB courses will usually be offered. Exchange students are usually given more flexibility in selecting their courses. Hence, final course selection and registration takes place on arrival at the Faculty of Law after students have received the lectures and tutorials schedule. There is a two-week add/drop period during the start of each semester when students have the opportunity to attend the first one or two lectures before finalizing their study plans.

The following courses are not open to exchange and visiting students:

LLAW1009 Law and Society
LLAW1001-2 Law of Contract I-II
LLAW1013 Legal Research & Writing I
LLAW1008 The Legal System of Hong Kong SAR
LLAW1005-6 Law of Tort I-II
LLAW2001 Constitutional Law
LLAW2003-4 Criminal Law I-II
LLAW2013-4 Land Law I-II
LLAW2017 Legal Research & Writing II
LLAW2012 Commercial Law
LLAW2009 Introduction to Chinese law
LLAW2011 Summer Internship
LLAW3097 Civil Procedure
LLAW3099 Criminal Procedure
LLAW3102 Evidence I
LLAW3105 Land Law III
LLAW3203 Guided Research
LLAW3001 Introduction to Legal Theory
LLAW3010 Business Associations
LLAW3093 Administrative Law
LLAW3094-5 Equity & Trusts I-II
LLAW3187 Mooting and Dispute Resolution
Taught postgraduate courses with course code **LLAW6XXX and JDOCXXXX
** JD students from North America will be able to enroll in Taught postgraduate courses (with course code LLAW6XXX)

Note: The undergraduate courses are 6-credit in value, whereas the postgraduate courses are 9-credit in value.

Credit Transfer

Exchange and visiting students should communicate with their home institutions on the courses they intend to study at HKU before their arrival in Hong Kong. It is also your responsibility to keep your home institutions informed of any changes in your study plan here.

For exchange students under the Faculty-level exchange agreement, we will arrange official transcripts to be sent direct to your home institutions in early February (for first semester) and early July (for second semester) each year. Visiting students will have to apply for official transcripts on their own if your home institution requires it for credit transfer purpose. No matter you are exchange or visiting students, you will have to apply for official transcripts if you need one yourself.

For details on application for transcripts, please refer to the webpage of Academic Services of Registry.


Students should check with the offering lecturers to ascertain the means of evaluation and provisional dates of examinations in the beginning of the courses. In case of time clash, it is the responsibility of students to approach the lecturer concerned and arrange a separate examination.

Exchange and visiting students who need to provide examination results to their home universities earlier than July may submit a request to sit for early examinations and/or receive early indication of pass/fail. The request must be made in a prescribed form and sent to the Department of Law for consideration before the end of the add/drop period.