Incoming Exchange & Visiting Programme

Accomodation, Visa & other Support Services


Once your application is successful, you will receive your offer of admission and an information package via the Office of International Student Exchange of the University. This information package contains information about campus housing and the relevant application procedures. For more information about the residential halls and application details, please visit the website of the Center of Development and Resources for students (CEDARS), Apart from applying direct to the CEDARS, there are off-campus housing, other self-financed halls and residences for students’ information through the above link.

Given the increasing number of international students, the University will make every reasonable effort to assist students to find living accommodations upon receipt of their applications, but is not obliged to secure on-campus accommodation for exchange students.

Visa Application

All non-local students are required to apply for student visas in order to study in Hong Kong.  Please allow 2 months for visa processing. Please visit CEDARS homepage for details,

All applicants for a student visa are required to have a local sponsor. Students coming to HKU should nominate CEDARS as your visa sponsor by completing and returning to CEDARS an application form for visa sponsorship with all the required documents and payment. You are required to pay a processing fee of HK$300.

For the actual visa application, students from overseas can choose to lodge their application via their local Chinese Embassy or via the CEDARS. For the latter option, a total fee of HKD800 will be charged.

Buddy Programme

The Office of International Student Exchange (OISE) operates a 'buddy programme' whereby each incoming exchange student is assigned a 'buddy' i.e. a local student to help them to settle down in the new environment and to integrate with the local community. If you wish to participate in this programme, please apply online at or fill in the application form for buddy programme in the package or send your request to


The Orientation is usually organized in end of August.  Details can be viewed at the website of the Center of Development and Resources for students (CEDARS) at nearer the time.