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Are you looking for legal experts to help with research and analysis?  Our Faculty has a pool of over 80 talented scholars with knowledge and expertise in a wide range of legal areas.  Our scholars have legal qualifications from jurisdictions around the world and have practiced law in different places including Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Mainland China.  Faculty members have been retained as expert witnesses in legal proceedings and have been involved in preparing expert reports.  The Faculty also has a successful track record in delivering custom made online systems that provide public and private access to legal information.

Faculty members can be engaged individually or as a research team.  Engagement is either by way of contract research, which means the contract for services is with The University of Hong Kong, or by way of outside practice, which means the consultancy contract is made with the individual Faculty members(s).  The university has different approval procedures for contract research and outside practice.  The University and Faculty adhere to the highest standards of research integrity and ethics in its research activities.  Where requested, the confidentiality of a research consultancy will be safeguarded.

Past research consultancies

Current Faculty members have served as counsel, advisers or consultants to many governmental and non-governmental bodies, both locally and internationally.  These organizations include the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, USAID, American Bar Association, Amnesty International, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Hong Kong Government, Hong Kong Police Force and Hong Kong Christian Action.

Our research centres have also carried out a number of major contract research consultancies.  There are currently five Faculty research centres in the areas of comparative and public law, financial law, law and technology, Chinese law, and medical ethics and law.  We also have strong research programmes in tax law and dispute resolution and a new programme in judicial studies.  Each centre provides administrative and research support for its research projects and, where necessary, has effective methods for dissemination of research results.  Some more recent consultancies completed by centres have been for the Centre of Anti-Corruption Studies, Law Society of Hong Kong, the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau, the Department of Justice, and the Home Affairs Bureau.

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