Research Profile

Professor Anne Cheung S. Y. 張善喻

Research Profile
Professor Anne S.Y. Cheung specializes in media law, law and society, internet issues and children’s rights.

Selected Publications

  1. “Re-Personalizing Personal Data in the Cloud” in Anne S.Y. Cheung & Rolf H. Weber (eds.) Privacy and Legal Challenges in Cloud Computing (Edward Elgar 2015) 69-95.
  2. "Defaming by Suggestions: Searching for Search Engine Liability in the Autocomplete Era," in Andras Koltay (ed.) Comparative Perspectives on the Fundamental Freedom of Expression. (Budapest: Wolters Kluwer, 2015). (
  3. “Location Privacy: The Challenges of Mobile Service Devices,” 30 (2014) Computer Law & Security Review  41-54
  4. “An Evaluation of Personal Data Protection in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (1995–2012),” 3 International Data Privacy Law (2013) 29-41
  5. “A Comparative Study of Cyberbullying in Hong Kong, Mainland and Taiwan: In Search of a Regulatory Regime” in Edward K. L. Chan (ed.) Child Protection in Chinese Societies: Challenges and Policies (US: Nova Publisher, June 2012) p. 119-141.
  6. “Tackling Cyber-bullying from a Children’s Right’s Perspective” in Michael D. Freeman (ed.) Current Legal Issues: Law and the Child (Oxford University Press, March 2012). p.281-301
  7. “Exercising Freedom of Speech behind the Great Firewall: A Study of Judges’ and Lawyers’ Blogs in China,” 52 Harvard International Law Journal Online (2011) 250-288 (selected as the Feature Article of that issue).
  8. “Rethinking Public Privacy in the Internet Era: A Study of Virtual Persecution by the Internet Crowd,” 1:2 The Journal of Media Law (2009) 191-217 (United Kingdom, Hart Publishing, peer-reviewed).
  9. “A Study of Cyber-Violence and Internet Service Providers’ Liability: Lessons from China,” Pacific Rim & Policy Journal (University of Washington, 2009) 323-346.


Anne S.Y. Cheung and Rolf H. Weber (ed), Privacy and Legal Issues in Cloud Computing ( 2015; UK: Edward Elgar Pub.) 305pp.

Self-Censorship and the Struggle for Press Freedom in Hong Kong(Kluwer International, 2003), refereed. 278 pages.