Research Profile

Professor Richard Cullen

Professor Richard Cullen is a Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Law at The University of Hong Kong. He was preciously a Professor and Head of the Department of Business Law and Taxation at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia from 1999-2001. He was Acting Head of the Department of Professional Legal Education of the City University of Hong Kong from 1992 to 1994 and was a Visiting Professor at the City University of Hong Kong, twice during the period August, 2001 – August 2003.

Professor Cullen has made presentations at seminars and conferences in recent years in Australia, Canada China, England, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Singapore and Sri Lanka. He has been a Visiting Scholar at Universities in Austria, Belgium, Canada, England, Japan and Switzerland. He is a member of the Hong Kong think tank, the Civic Exchange.

He has written and co-written several books and more than 100 articles, notes and commentaries and has been the recipient of a range of major and minor research grants. Richard’s books include Federalism in Action (1990) and Media Law in the PRC (1996) (with H.L. Fu). One of his most recent monographs is The Rule of Law in Hong Kong (2005).

His research interests include Comparative Public Law, Public Law, Media Law, Taxation Law, Comparative Taxation Law, and Professional Ethics. Recent publications include: Richard Cullen and Tor Krever “Taxation and Democracy in Hong Kong” (Research Monograph published by Civic Exchange Hong Kong, 2005; Richard Cullen and Tor Krever, “Will Tax Reform Drive Political Reform in Hong Kong” 192006) (January 16) Tax Notes International, 197 – 202; D. W. Choy and Richard Cullen, “Treason and Subversion in Hong Kong”, in (Fu, Petersen and Young (eds)) National Security and Fundamental Freedoms (Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong, 2005) Chapter 5 (151188); Richard Cullen and D. W. Choy “China’s Media: The Impact of the Internet” (2005) 6 San Diego International Law Journal,  323-340; Christine Loh and Richard Cullen “Political Reform in Hong Kong” (2005) 14 Journal of Contemporary China 147 – 170.